Let’s go fly a kite…


Somedays life is simple and sweet. This particular day was one of those days. Before we headed to Florida, we had promised Rowan we would get her a kite. She was in heaven and so were we. I hope I can always remember her cute little face as she went running down the beach flying her kite by herself.

Happy Sunday (and long weekend!)
Hope you can find your simple and sweet moment this week!







  1. Oh, Rowan! In her photos she always seems like a fearless and curious little girl just as you describe. The shark kite is perfect.

    What beach did you visit in Florida? We have family in St. Pete and the beaches are classic– tons of sand, sun, and families!

  2. Mónica •

    What I can give of simply flying a kite. I love it. By the way the kite is great. Kisses and Happy Mondays.

  3. Pinkyspages •

    Awww… so sweet!

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