Weekly Wishlist

A few items that make my heart flutter a little bit faster than normal lately…


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and some other favorites from around the internet this past week…
1. Did you know Nordstrom is having a giant half year sale?? Up to 40% off so many items!! Like this ergobaby! These super cute baby denim shorts! and ooooh these studded sneakers!

2. Really loved Danielle’s thoughts on blogging about her son. It’s something I think about a lot.

3. How dreamy are these sparrow pjs. Perfect for warm summer nights.

4. I loved reading about the Deal’s journey with raising chickens. It’s something I find very interesting and would possibly consider doing for our family (if I decided to stop being vegetarian that is).

5. What do you think about black and white striped skinny jeans? I kind of love them!

6. Doesn’t Sydney just ooze beauty in this post? So pretty!

7. I know it’s summer but this sweater has me dreaming of being cozy by a bonfire roasting marshmellows, with cut off jean shorts and a big messy bun.

8. I’m sure everyone and their mother has heard about and bought the Beautiful Mess app but in case you haven’t YOU SHOULD! So proud of Elise and Emma! They are so inspiring.

9. a leather dress? yes please! If only my wallet could afford it.

10. Oh Danielle! I just love you! Way to go girl. You should all head over to Take Heart and follow her blog.

11. How pretty is this skirt? Sort of like the old school botany etchings that I love to much.

12. HEY! Are you going to the TxSC Conference this year? If not you should!! It is going to be a blast. Kev and I will both be there speaking. Come meet lots of awesome bloggers and have a super fun weekend!! Learn more and register by visiting www.texasstylecouncil.com/

13. CAT TEE! (nothing else needs to be said!)

  1. No. 7 caught my attention. Love the print.

  2. I’m in love with those mustard “goodnight” pillowcases! It would be fun to DIY something similar…

  3. Oh man, that dress! It’s going straight on my wish-list… I’ve been loving orange & red tones for this spring. And yes, to cozy bonfires that threadsence sweater would be absolutely perfect. Hope you’re having an awesome week, Jen! xo

    PS – hoping to make it to Austin again this year, fingers crossed!

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