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Striped Top | Cut Offs | Personalized Necklace | Sandals | Cross Body Bag

Over the past 4 months I have decided that it just isn’t worth wearing items of clothing that make nursing hard or awkward. Loose fitting tops are the way to go. Makes life so much easier. This spring I have stocked up on items that I can wear, feel put together in and still nurse with ease. Love this casual and cool look!

Other favorites from the past week…
1. Wouldn’t this outfit be so cute? These shorts, this shirt, and these sandals? Summer!!

2. What a sweet set of photos! Love this little family so very much!

3. Love these rugs from UO. I am on a major hunt for great rugs. This one, this one and this one are so pretty!

4. Isn’t Katie just the sweetest? Thanks my dear for the encouragement!

5. This necklace is so freakin’ pretty. Love the pastel colors!

6. Pretty in love with dropped waist dresses at the moment.

7. Love this patterned skirt. How perfect would it be paired with brightly colored tank tops for summer?

8. This post was just about the sweetest thing ever!

9. Obsessed with sandals lately. These 3 pairs are amazing! 1 | 2 | 3

10. Oooh this outfit! Can I have somewhere to where this please!

11. In case you haven’t noticed on instagram yet… We are slightly obsessed with this etsy shop.

12. A favorite outfit from Julie for sure! So pretty inside and out!

13. I am right there with your sweet Momma! Losing baby weight is no joke!

  1. lovin’ that striped top!
    kw Ladies in Navy
    Target giveaway!

  2. That’s one of my favorite Julie outfits too 😉 I always love seeing the links you post 🙂

    xo Jennifer


  3. Clair •

    Loving this look!

  4. very flattered to be on this list xoxo

  5. thank you beautiful jen!

  6. you look amazing!! i am trying so hard and it is so frustrating. i just want instant results. is that so much to ask?! hope you are having such a relaxing and wonderful time at the beach with your family. love the pictures!

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