Learning to Pitch in 5 Throws

I don’t know why, but this video just cracks me up! I think it’s the fact that she gets consecutively better with each throw and how she flings her back arm at the end. Sometimes there are just no words for this kid. She is pretty darn special.

  1. just the stinkin’ cutest!!

  2. She is so adorable and like you said I love how she gets better after each throw. She even kind of took an extra step back haha!

  3. So cute! She’s pretty good at it, too!

  4. Super cute. What I love is that she isn’t even checking back to see if you are watching or anything. She is totally focused and independently working on that throw. Great sign for things to come! 🙂

  5. HA! How cute! She gets really into it the last couple of throws!

  6. so cute! i love watching toddlers throw. it’s like they put 100% of their effort into it!

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