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I feel like I’ve been coming up short lately when it comes to blogging. There just doesn’t seem much to blog about at the moment. Not that life has been boring, actually it seems quite the opposite. I think we’ve just been enjoying life so much lately. We have fallen in to a nice little groove as a family of four and we are all quite happy. Sometimes it’s just nice to back away a little and enjoy the small little moments of life. I am especially thankful for all this time together in light of all that is going on. Makes you realize how important your loved ones are.

Here are some iphone photos from the past few weeks…










Happy Weekend Everyone.

  1. Your babies are just so dang cute! I love all their outfits! It’s definitely good to take breaks and just enjoy life a little free of technology. I bet you have a lot keeping you busy :))

  2. Your girls are so sweet!
    We’re expecting our second boy any day now & I believe my Mason is around the same age is Rowan.

    As for the blogging, sometimes you just get in a funk! Quality over quantity, right?

  3. Anne G •

    Your blog makes me smile and think and cherish family. Your art background and the little ones’ charm, along with you and your husband, illuminate each post. thank you!

  4. Convinced that your girls could not be more precious. Or more stylish like their momma.:)

  5. Marisa •

    Your kids are just gorgeous! Love that breastfeeding pic and the way they are looking at each other.

  6. love allt hese photos so much! The last one is exceptionally adorable.

  7. I love every one of these…The one of you in the mirror w/ Finley’s awesome smile is my fave I think! And Rowan getting a haircut w/ her little (big) Uggs sticking out…haha.
    Happy Spring and enjoy life!!

  8. LOVE the picture of the girls while Finley is nursing (in a totally non-creepy way). Just think Finley’s eyes open wide look so cute and it seems like a snuggly moment.

  9. I can’t believe how cute Finley looks in her headbands and how Rowan is growing and growing! Her hair looks adorable in pigtails. I always like seeing snapshots of everyone’s lives away from their blogs. Life is beautiful and meant to be enjoyed.

  10. Mónica •

    Family of four sounds great to me, I am very happy although it is hard work but worth it. I love the first picture is super funny to face more savvy. Kisses and Happy Mondays.

  11. Andrea •

    Long time follower, first time comment poster – your children are absolutely adorable 🙂

  12. Long time follower and reader, I think first time commenter. The photos are so beautiful and hear warming. My god Rowan has grown. Wow how time flies. And little Finley is adorable and so cute. Its okay about the lack of blogging, I sometimes feel guilty too, but sometimes life and enjoying it is a bit more important. I love how Rowan outfit wise is like a mini you.

  13. Too gorgeous, love the headband head shot photo too cute could win an award that one

  14. LOOOOVE you’re families sense of style. Always loved yours but it seems like your two little babes are following suit so sweetly.


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