Finley’s Birth Announcements


I know this is super nerdy, but one of the things I was super excited about after giving birth was getting Finley’s birth announcements out. Oh man, I love actual mail and stationary. I’m pretty picky when it comes to christmas cards, invitations, etc… I love good design, thick cardstock and nice printing. When contacted us about trying them out for our announcements, I was excited because I had taken note of them from a few christmas cards we had received that year. Oh the selection they have!!! It took me 4 days to decided which announcement to choose. I had about 25 tabs open on my computer. Anyway, we were thrilled with how they came out…




We got nothing but compliments from family and friends when we sent them out. I would like to think they were all because Finley is such a cutie, but I’m pretty sure the card had something to do with it too…

  1. Super cute! We’re looking for Thank You cards for our wedding since we ordered some from Vista Print for our shower and didn’t like the way they came out! Looks like I’ll be checking out some other options!

  2. the card is super cute and finley is even cuter.

  3. Anonymous •


    I really am not trying to be snarky because I love your blog and your photos. And I don’t mean to make you feel bad in saying this after the fact when nothing can be done about it, but when you pluralize a last name, you never use an apostrophe. So you should sign your cards The Richardsons, not The Richardson’s. You just add an S to the last name. Apostrophes are used only to show possession or in contractions.

    Maybe you’ve already been told this or know it now, but I wanted to mention it so you all don’t make the mistake again. I know a couple that got one of those big, decorative yard stones with their last name spelled The Sawyer’s on the very permanent stone.

    I hope this helps you and maybe some others who are unaware of the rule. Personally, I think companies who do printing should be more conscientious and not allow things like that to be printed. It is only helping out their customers to provide that type of proofreading service!

  4. Beautiful announcements!! I’m in the process of picking our wedding invitations and I’m thinking might be a top choice now!! Congratulations on your lovely family!

  5. Oh my that announcement is super cute! I love the photo you chose 🙂

  6. They look great! I love the colors. ♥

  7. super cute announcements! love them!

  8. Mónica •

    I really love to get a tarqueta so beautiful … I think lucky you your family. Kisses and happy weekend.

  9. So beautiful! I love the colors. The bow in her hair is so sweet too.

  10. I love these! I’m not a mom and probably won’t be for a while but your blog is one of my favorites!

  11. They came out so adorable!

    xo Jennifer

  12. we love ours! i have it on our fridge – i dont know which side to put up though because i love both sides so much! you guys are the cutest family i know!!!! xoxox <3

  13. Omg this is to cute. I wish I was one of your friends so I could receive one of these gorge cards. You have a beautiful family and cute last name too something you would find in those 1950’s movies.

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