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Guess what? It is going to be 70 on Tuesday and my heart feels like it is going to leap out of my chest. This winter has been rough! I know the weather is all anyone is talking about lately but how can you not? It’s April and it snowed last week! Ugh! I am welcoming this warmer weather with open arms. How has your weekend been going? Rowan went to visit her Grandparents this weekend and Kev and I have had a great relaxing weekend with just Finley. It’s nice to have some one on one bonding time with her. What a little sweetie she is! Here are some favorite items and blog posts from around the internet this past week…


Jeans | Mint Jacket | Blouse | Yellow Purse | Heart Sunglasses | Sandals

1. This dress is like my dream dress! *Swoon!!

2. Hint. Hint. Mother’s Day gift?? Wink. Wink.

3. I could not have written this post better myself. Totally on the same wave length these past few weeks. So encouraging to hear another mama talking about her struggles.

4. J.Crew is hands down my favorite place to get a bathing suit. They fit like a glove. Love this polka dot one.

5.I could not love this sweet Hawaiian family any more than I do. Hope to visit them later this year!!

6. Love this look on Sydney!

7. Adorable dotted shorts for summer.

8. Seriously cute! Love Kaelah to pieces.

9. Hello cute neon toe oxfords, please come live in my closet!

10. Loved Amanda’s thoughts on this blog post. Do you think you will ever out grow the need to blog?

11. Just ordered these rubber boots for Rowan to play in our muddy spring backyard.

12. Couldn’t pick just one blog post. I just love Brandy, her family and her blog.

13. Love this super cute DIY clay house mobile.

14. This is such a sweet little summer dress. So beautiful!

  1. Hooray to 70’s weather. Finally spring! Great picks. I like the minty color.

  2. 70?! I’m insanely jealous 🙁 send some sun over to Michigan, please!!! Hope you enjoyed your baby time this weekend!

  3. That mint jacket is to die for!

  4. That clay house mobile is just too cute! Thanks for sharing your favs!!

  5. I just love YOU, your family and your blog! Thank you sweet friend!

  6. Love all your links Jen, and THANK YOU for mentioning my Hawaiian blog. 😉 We DO hope you’ll visit. Little Levi and Little Rowan might just have too much fun.
    XO Aloha!

  7. I recently bought those pants from Madewell and have been struggling with what to pair them with! Love the ideas!


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