Celebrating Easter…


Easter is always one of my most favorite Holidays. I love the idea of welcoming spring, spending time with family and the self reflection over why we celebrate Easter. Plus I LOVE the old Easter Hymns that we usually sing in church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. My parents and middle sister came out to visit us this weekend. It was so nice having them here. I always miss them so much!! I wish we all got to see each other more often. Sunday morning I had to wake up super early to go and decorate the church for Easter. I love getting to pick all new decorations for special services. This year I went with vintage glassware, fake succulent plants, rocks, a pretty floral print and the words “Oh Happy Day”. I was really happy with how it all came out.


Whenever we get dressed up I always try to make it a point to take some pictures because well, it doesn’t happen very often. I was so excited for all our new easter outfits. We were looking dang good if you ask me. Ha! We were pretty much a walking Gap advertisement. Can you blame us though? Everything is so good in there lately!

I think I’ve decided that Finley looks just like my Dad, which in turn makes her look just like me! Between my Mom and Dad, I look way more like my Dad. I think Finley is a little Mini me of him. I was feeling quite blessed by our wonderful families this weekend. Wish we got to see Kev’s parents as well.











Finley’s Dress: Gap
Rowan’s Skirt: Gap
Rowan’s Top: Gap
Rowan’s Boots: Minnetonka
Jen’s Shirt Dress: Gap (it is seriously so soft and perfect for nursing!!!)
Jen’s Boots: c/o Wanted
Kev’s Jeans: H&M (similar)
Kev’s Shirt: Gap
Kev’s Tie: H&M
Kev’s Boots: DSW

  1. I can only hope my future family is half as adorable as yours!

    xo Jennifer


  2. Oh, I love the church decorations! You say “this year” – do you generally decorate your church? Just curious!

  3. Tawnie •

    You guys are a beautiful family!!

  4. beautiful easter family! isn’t it such a great day?
    i’m with you on the easter hymns…they remind me so much of living at home and waking up to my dad belting them out at the top of his lungs..haha. they get me every time!

    happy spring to you, mama! you are looking so lovely with your two girls!

  5. Haha, Rowan and I wore the same boots for Easter! I love your dress and Rowan’s skirt! Beautiful family pictures, I’m wishing I had taken more family pics.

  6. Such beautiful photos! They look so bright & springy & you all look so happy! I love that! Also, your Easter decor is so pretty! Such a lovely way to make the true meaning of Easter all the more special! 🙂

  7. beautiful pictures of you and your family.
    i wish they made rowan’s skirt in my size 😉

  8. Aracely Campbell •

    Just beautiful!

  9. Gorgeous family!! And what a beautiful job you did on decorating your church for Easter weekend. Oh happy day indeed!

  10. sarah •

    cutest family ever! i love the one with your mom and your girls. it’s like she’s telling rowan something special and she’s listening with such intent!

  11. Sweet family. Happy easter

  12. You all look beautiful and super festive! Would you mind please posting the lens you use? I’m trying to get into some outfit photography but my lens isn’t quite wide enough. If you get a chance, that would be lovely. Great to see baby Finley growing so beautifully.

  13. That photo of Rowan with her hands in her pockets, so cute!

  14. You did a beautiful job, Jen. Love the tables you put together at your church. And yes, we love Easter around here too… our service was SO good this year and it’s such an amazing time to be with family + reflect. Love seeing photos of your parents/clan… you’re all the cutest. And your dress?! Fabulous, love it paired with those boots! xo

  15. Beautiful family!! The church spread turned out very nice! Wish I had an area in my house decorated like that all the time LOL

  16. A dress perfect for nursing- sold! You all look great

  17. Your family is too cute!

  18. Y’all look so cute, and I love the sentiment behind this post.

    I also think it’s really cool that you use your talents to help decorate your church. What a great, unique way to get involved. 🙂

  19. You should really think about blowing up the first pic the last and the one with the girls you and your mom. Good job on the Church decorations they look like they came from interior decorating magazine.

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