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April 2013

Favorite Finds…

Striped Top | Cut Offs | Personalized Necklace | Sandals | Cross Body Bag

Over the past 4 months I have decided that it just isn’t worth wearing items of clothing that make nursing hard or awkward. Loose fitting tops are the way to go. Makes life so much easier. This spring I have stocked up on items that I can wear, feel put together in and still nurse with ease. Love this casual and cool look!

Other favorites from the past week…
1. Wouldn’t this outfit be so cute? These shorts, this shirt, and these sandals? Summer!!

2. What a sweet set of photos! Love this little family so very much!

3. Love these rugs from UO. I am on a major hunt for great rugs. This one, this one and this one are so pretty!

4. Isn’t Katie just the sweetest? Thanks my dear for the encouragement!

5. This necklace is so freakin’ pretty. Love the pastel colors!

6. Pretty in love with dropped waist dresses at the moment.

7. Love this patterned skirt. How perfect would it be paired with brightly colored tank tops for summer?

8. This post was just about the sweetest thing ever!

9. Obsessed with sandals lately. These 3 pairs are amazing! 1 | 2 | 3

10. Oooh this outfit! Can I have somewhere to where this please!

11. In case you haven’t noticed on instagram yet… We are slightly obsessed with this etsy shop.

12. A favorite outfit from Julie for sure! So pretty inside and out!

13. I am right there with your sweet Momma! Losing baby weight is no joke!

6 Pictures, 6 Things.

Since we are on vacation for the next little while, I decided to come up with a quick and easy way to look back and remember our time here. We are going to call it “6 Pictures, 6 Things”. I think the title explains it all…

April 27th 2013:






1. Rowan got taken out by a wave yesterday. My sister was standing right there and just grabbed her quick but I think it traumatized Rowan (maybe my sister too). Today as we were sitting on the couch Rowan said “I don’t like the ocean because it is scary.” Ha! Poor Girl.

2. Rowan has been obsessed with singing the B-I-B-L-E song since we got here. She seriously sings it for like 20 mins straight. The song only has one verse!

3. Sitting in the sun at the beach with my girls, my Mom and my Sister is pretty dang awesome.

4. Rowan calling my cousins dog “FRANKS” when her real name is Frankie

5. Finley rolled over for the first time!

6. Being reminded daily how blessed I feel and how truly in love I am with my family.

For those that might ask:
Finley’s beach hat: Gap
Rowan’s Rash guard set: Oshkosh
Rowan’s Saltwater Sandals: Nordstrom

stay tuned for more 6 Pictures, 6 Things…

Traveling with Two Kids


Well, we left for FL yesterday. I had been a little apprehensive about flying with both kiddos but all in all it went pretty smooth. Granted, we didn’t fly very far away, but we did have a decent layover with lots of waiting around. I wrote a post last year about flying with toddlers and I still stand behind all the things I listed. Our carry on was packed with just about the same kinds of things. This time we had a few more game like toys now that Rowan is older. She loves matching games. If there is one tip I would like to add it’s this…

Never. I mean NEVER open or help your kid open any new game, snack, etc… on the plane untill they are about to cry from not being able to do it themselves. Ha! Letting them try to do it themselves buys you about 5-10 mins of time for each new item. On a plane ride that is huge.

I think the biggest thing is anticipating their every need and move. Being one step a head of them helps stop meltdowns before they happen. It’s exhausting being nonstop, over the top excited and engaged to keep their attention on that plane ride. If you have a layover, really let them run wild! Get those wiggles out. I will say that nursing is like the biggest blessing for flying with a baby. I let Finley nurse way longer than I usually do just to keep her content, quiet and help with the ear pressure as we took off and landed.

Kev will be joining us down here next week and we just can’t wait. We have only been away from him for a day and we already miss him like crazy.

What are your favorite travel tips?










Baby Animals!


Do you think it’s possible for someone to say “I hate baby animals?” I mean it’s such an absurd statement. I maybe get being indifferent, but can you even imagine someone not loving baby animals? I even like saying “baby animals”. One of my favorite things about Spring is not only the warmer weather but that the baby animals make an appearance at the Hancock Shaker Village out in the Berkshires. We headed out to visit those adorable animals on Sunday to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. Rowan was in heaven. I have said it before but one of my most favorite things about being a parent is experiencing new things with them. I was reading up a little bit on the book The Child Whisperer and Rowan is most definitely the “Fun Loving Child”. It gives me no greater joy then to let her be free, to run wild, to make a special say for her and to be there right in the midst of the adventure holding her hand. This girl loves adventures…

















Update: As I was typing this I actually asked my sister if she thought anyone out there has said “I hate baby animals?” She laughed and then told me she actually said those words the other day. Have I mentioned that my sister is April Ludgate? Oh I love her.

Also, have you seen this post over on Small Fry Blog about activities to do with your kids for each personality type The Child Whisperer talks about? Love it!

Learning to Pitch in 5 Throws

I don’t know why, but this video just cracks me up! I think it’s the fact that she gets consecutively better with each throw and how she flings her back arm at the end. Sometimes there are just no words for this kid. She is pretty darn special.

Life Lately…


I feel like I’ve been coming up short lately when it comes to blogging. There just doesn’t seem much to blog about at the moment. Not that life has been boring, actually it seems quite the opposite. I think we’ve just been enjoying life so much lately. We have fallen in to a nice little groove as a family of four and we are all quite happy. Sometimes it’s just nice to back away a little and enjoy the small little moments of life. I am especially thankful for all this time together in light of all that is going on. Makes you realize how important your loved ones are.

Here are some iphone photos from the past few weeks…










Happy Weekend Everyone.

Finley’s Birth Announcements


I know this is super nerdy, but one of the things I was super excited about after giving birth was getting Finley’s birth announcements out. Oh man, I love actual mail and stationary. I’m pretty picky when it comes to christmas cards, invitations, etc… I love good design, thick cardstock and nice printing. When contacted us about trying them out for our announcements, I was excited because I had taken note of them from a few christmas cards we had received that year. Oh the selection they have!!! It took me 4 days to decided which announcement to choose. I had about 25 tabs open on my computer. Anyway, we were thrilled with how they came out…




We got nothing but compliments from family and friends when we sent them out. I would like to think they were all because Finley is such a cutie, but I’m pretty sure the card had something to do with it too…


photo 1

We woke up this morning excited about the spring weather that was waiting for us outside. I was also super excited about the marathon. Growing up in Massachusetts it’s hard not to be excited for Patriots Day. Plus, being a marathon runner I absolutely love the Boston marathon. We spent the morning outside playing, chasing ducks, throwing sticks in the water, and riding bikes. When we got home I heard the terribly sad news about the explosions. My heart sank.

As I sat on the couch watching all the news coverage during Rowan’s nap, I couldn’t help but think about the sweet innocence of my girls. How I want so badly to protect it, to shelter them from anything bad. I thought about how sweet they are and how big, wonderful and amazing they think the world around them is. I wish they could have that perspective forever. As Rowan gets older though you can see the darkness of the world creeping in. It breaks my heart when she talks about things being scary. Of course when she woke up from her nap, off went the news and on went something about princesses. We sat there cuddled together and I thought if only things could be so simple.

It’s a funny thing about innocence though, there is a tricky balance I want to find. For as much as I want to shelter them from this fallen world, I want them to know that with every great disaster, comes great heroes as well. I want them to understand God’s true love. I want them to grow to be strong, courageous and compassionate girls. That even when faced with hardships will be able to see the glimmer of light. Girls who will be running back towards “the explosions” to help, to fight. This world may be dark at times but there is still good. I want them to see that.

Tonight we are praying for the families affected by this tragedy and we are praying for our country, that we may find the good and cling to it.

photo 2

Kid Craft: Handpainted Sneakers

Kid craft: handpainted sneakers

I am always on the look out for fun crafts to do with Rowan. When I saw this post over on A Beautiful Mess a little while ago, I thought this would be great! Besides, painted sneakers would look a million times better on her than me. I found some plain white canvas sneakers at Walmart for $5. $5!!! You really can’t go wrong with that price. I think we might be making hundreds of painted shoes this summer. We woke up to a very grey, rainy and cold day today so what better way to brighten our spirits than bright colored paints. Rowan is pretty head over heels in love with them. She hasn’t taken them off yet.

Paint Smock
Craft Paint (I love Martha Stewart!)
White Canvas Sneakers
Paint Brushes



I added the paint to mugs and then watered them down a little bit. I wanted a more watercolor feel. Plus, it helps when it’s watery because Rowan loves to glob on the paint. Thinner paint goes on way easier for a toddler and then we don’t waste a bunch of paint. I also put a paint brush in each color so there is no mixing of brushes in different colors. I just kind of let her have at it for a while. When they dried I colored part of them black with a sharpie. I debated added polka dots but decided to just leave them be. Super cute! Super fun!







It’s so cute to see her so proud of the things she makes. It is always the first thing she tells Kev when he comes home. She usually goes running when she hears the garage door open yelling “Daddy! Look! Look! We did Crawfts!” Love her.

A Morning Run…


Thanks so much to everyone who left a comment on my last running post. It was so encouraging and inspiring to hear all your running stories. I got a few questions that I am hoping to address in this post. Training has started slow. With some crappy weather last week I didn’t get out all that much. Hoping for a better start this week into the next.

A few of you asked to see my running calendar. What I normally do is look around the internet for a bunch and then sort of combine them all into one that works best for me. I am not someone who can train 5-6 days a week. I just don’t have the time. I know realistically I can maybe do 4 runs a week. I made my calendar look pretty similar to this Hal Higdon Intermediate II training schedule (except I dropped the Saturday run) and then added the training for a 10k to get up to the 10 mile start week. I think when making a running schedule you have to be realistic in your goals. Really consider how much time you have so you don’t always feel defeated by not getting it done. I mean you do have to put in the time, but I don’t think you need to be running every day of the week.

Another person asked if I was still breastfeeding Finley with the training. This isn’t going to be a breastfeeding post but yes, I am still exclusively bfing her and plan on continuing to do so. I do have a goal of loosing some weight but consuming enough calories to still provide food for her is my top priority. I am looking forward to continuing to eat lots of healthy food and good protein in things like greek yogurt, whole grains, beans, dark greens and nuts (with some ice cream on the side of course). I have gotten in a good routine of feeding her when she gets up and then getting everyone ready and out the door for a run right after that. That way its the most comfortable for running- if you know what I mean…

I am loving our new BOB Revolution Duallie. Unless I am running uphill I hardly know I am pushing 2 kids. Fresh air does us all good in the morning…








Favorite Finds…

Guess what? It is going to be 70 on Tuesday and my heart feels like it is going to leap out of my chest. This winter has been rough! I know the weather is all anyone is talking about lately but how can you not? It’s April and it snowed last week! Ugh! I am welcoming this warmer weather with open arms. How has your weekend been going? Rowan went to visit her Grandparents this weekend and Kev and I have had a great relaxing weekend with just Finley. It’s nice to have some one on one bonding time with her. What a little sweetie she is! Here are some favorite items and blog posts from around the internet this past week…


Jeans | Mint Jacket | Blouse | Yellow Purse | Heart Sunglasses | Sandals

1. This dress is like my dream dress! *Swoon!!

2. Hint. Hint. Mother’s Day gift?? Wink. Wink.

3. I could not have written this post better myself. Totally on the same wave length these past few weeks. So encouraging to hear another mama talking about her struggles.

4. J.Crew is hands down my favorite place to get a bathing suit. They fit like a glove. Love this polka dot one.

5.I could not love this sweet Hawaiian family any more than I do. Hope to visit them later this year!!

6. Love this look on Sydney!

7. Adorable dotted shorts for summer.

8. Seriously cute! Love Kaelah to pieces.

9. Hello cute neon toe oxfords, please come live in my closet!

10. Loved Amanda’s thoughts on this blog post. Do you think you will ever out grow the need to blog?

11. Just ordered these rubber boots for Rowan to play in our muddy spring backyard.

12. Couldn’t pick just one blog post. I just love Brandy, her family and her blog.

13. Love this super cute DIY clay house mobile.

14. This is such a sweet little summer dress. So beautiful!

Celebrating Easter…


Easter is always one of my most favorite Holidays. I love the idea of welcoming spring, spending time with family and the self reflection over why we celebrate Easter. Plus I LOVE the old Easter Hymns that we usually sing in church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. My parents and middle sister came out to visit us this weekend. It was so nice having them here. I always miss them so much!! I wish we all got to see each other more often. Sunday morning I had to wake up super early to go and decorate the church for Easter. I love getting to pick all new decorations for special services. This year I went with vintage glassware, fake succulent plants, rocks, a pretty floral print and the words “Oh Happy Day”. I was really happy with how it all came out.


Whenever we get dressed up I always try to make it a point to take some pictures because well, it doesn’t happen very often. I was so excited for all our new easter outfits. We were looking dang good if you ask me. Ha! We were pretty much a walking Gap advertisement. Can you blame us though? Everything is so good in there lately!

I think I’ve decided that Finley looks just like my Dad, which in turn makes her look just like me! Between my Mom and Dad, I look way more like my Dad. I think Finley is a little Mini me of him. I was feeling quite blessed by our wonderful families this weekend. Wish we got to see Kev’s parents as well.











Finley’s Dress: Gap
Rowan’s Skirt: Gap
Rowan’s Top: Gap
Rowan’s Boots: Minnetonka
Jen’s Shirt Dress: Gap (it is seriously so soft and perfect for nursing!!!)
Jen’s Boots: c/o Wanted
Kev’s Jeans: H&M (similar)
Kev’s Shirt: Gap
Kev’s Tie: H&M
Kev’s Boots: DSW

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