My Everyday Style Vol. 6


These shoes totally make me feel like a million bucks! They are so classic and simple, yet paired with some skinny jeans make me feel so chic (even though I have baby spit on my shoulder). Granted I’m not wearing them on my day to day with the kiddos but they are perfect for an evening out with Kev, even if its only to the coffee shop. Don’t you just love shoemint? Hello, free shipping and returns!

As I was taking these pictures, Rowan became slightly obsessed with the camera remote. She kept wanting to take turns posing and pressing the remote button. Little fashion blogger in the making. We totally didn’t even plan on sort of matching. This seems to happen a lot though. I swear I end up matching one of the girls at least twice a week. I feel like lately it’s becoming more and more apparent to me how grown up Rowan is. Here are a few things she does at the moment that I would like to rememeber forever…

1. She likes to add an “s” to the end of words. She says things like “wanna play dress ups?” “a waffle with syrups” “Let’s do makeups” It cracks me up.

2. Every time we go out the garage door to the car, she has to run out on the driveway and scream “DOGGIES!!!” at the top of her lungs. She says she has to wake them up.

3. The way she calls Finley or any baby for the matter “honey”.

4. She is always asking Finley (well she calls her Baby Finley) “You like that?” when she does something to her.

5. She is getting so good at playing by herself. I love hearing her play at her dollhouse. She usually makes her dolls recreate some scenario that has happened in real life that morning. It is super funny to over hear them talking.

6. When things are missing she likes to say it’s a “mystery”. Then she walks around the house with her hand above her eyes like she is looking/searching for it.

7. As soon as Kev walks in the door at night she goes running to him to give him the biggest hug. Then proceeds to say “play seek with me Daddy”. She loves playing hide and seek.

8. Rowan LOVES to sing. She is convinced that she knows all the words- even to songs she has never heard before. In the car no matter what is playing she will be mumbling words along with it. She does however know all the words to the yo gabba gabba cds and belts those out. Yesterday she even had hand motions going on.

9. She is obsessed with all things Princess and Cinderella.

10. Kev and her like to go back and forth yelling “sayyyy whaaaaat???” Don’t ask but it’s funny.

11. When she doesn’t want to do something she usually says “I too little” to try to get out of it. ha!

12. Just how much she loves her friends. Warms my heart.

13. How well she listens at soccer. She is in her first non parent involved class. Ahhh how is she that old?

14. How much she LOVES school. When we went on interviews the other week. I am pretty sure it was the greatest day of her life. She can not wait until the fall.

15. The way she says marshmallow, lunch, and donut.

16. She continues to be just the smartest, most passionate, brave and spirited little girl there ever was. Boy, oh boy she melts our hearts.









Peplum Tank: Target (similar)
Moto Jacket: Forever 21- old (similar)
Jeans: Madewell (old)
Heels: c/o Shoemint

Flutter Sleeve Sweater: Joe Fresh
Striped top: H&M
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Minnetonka

  1. Jen, I’m SO in love with this outfit. The heels are killer beautiful, and I agree, they add such a polished & chic touch. Yay, shoemint. And Rowan… what a doll!! xo

  2. Oh little Rowan you are such a cute girl! She’s gonna be a great blogger in the futures, just like her mommy! Love how your looks complement each other’s!

    Cee. ♥

  3. Very sweet post! Rowan is definitely turning out to be quite the little fashionista, and a pretty cool little girl, too!

  4. You girls are fab.

  5. Rowan sounds like she is in such a fun stage right now!

    xo Jennifer

  6. Jen, you know, after reading this, I am in love with your daughter! She seems so adorable and soooooo cute.. Those little things these young ones do, always melt our heart. Children are so pure, so innocent… Well, the pictures are super cute. You both look awesome..

  7. My boys like to say “it’s a mystery” too – especially regarding mislaid toys. I really enjoy seeing your super sweet relationship that you and Rowan have – makes me even more excited for the birth of our baby girl in a few weeks!

    Good luck training for your marathon – so awesome! My husband is a marathoner too (I’m more of a 5k-er) and he also says that he can’t run just to run. He has to have a race to train for. It does help to have that goal.


  8. sweet pictures..and sweet outfit! you can’t ever go wrong with skinny jeans and heels.

  9. Darling, absolutely darling. BTW I totally have Rowan’s boots and I wear them all. the. time. I mean, they go with everything. Fashion blogger in the making, for sure!
    Thanks for answering my question about how you get such beautiful pictures inside!!

  10. at our house they’re mahshmezzohhhhhhhhhws. and after breakfast comes zuntch. 2 year old diction and turns of phrase are the greatest.

  11. My two-year-old does #1, too. She’ll say “mines” instead of “mine.” Which, if you think about it, makes sense in a way – yours vs. mines.

    And oh man do I love H&M for kid clothes! They have such cute stuff.

  12. I have this same tank, and I love it so much. I wear it so much throughout the week. A great, comfy top, that looks cute too!

  13. Charlie and I end up wearing very similar outfits, too. I have to swear to my husband when he gets home I didn’t do it on purpose, it seriously just happens! He’s 17 months old and right now his schtick is quacking. He doesn’t get the difference between a duck and a bird (they both have beaks, after all) and I love hearing his, “Cup cup cup!” on our walks. Reading all of Rowan’s adorable quirks helps me remember to love every minute and every phase.

  14. You guys looks adorable! Love the Minnetonka’s-I might have to snag some for my wee one.

  15. The photos of you and Rowan are so adorable! You both are so stylish 🙂

  16. Lovely girls. I love that you match… and that you’re rocking the heels. =)


    p.s. My daughter is also calling me honey a lot. She adds it onto the end of every sentence. Cuties.

  17. I found your blog recently…umm LOVE IT. I may have read just about the whole thing. I just wanted to say you are inspiring and your little family is darling. You bring a lot of inspiring info and happiness to your pages.

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