We Love Maple Weekend!


Did you know the first harvest of the new year is maple syrup? Mmmmm. Every year New York has an annual Maple Weekend where maple farms have open houses with tours, samples and fun activities. I look forward to it every year. The smell when you walk in to a sugarhouse is beyond delicious. We stopped by 2 farms with friends this year and left with one GIANT jug of Grade A pure maple syrup and a tub of Maple Cream. If you haven’t had maple cream before you are missing out. Oh goodness is rocks my world. If by chance you can get your hands on some be sure to try this little snack… a triscuit, dollop of maple cream and a small sliver of white cheddar. Sounds weird but you will thank me!













  1. I never knew this was a thing! Sounds fun!

    xo Jennifer


  2. Oh, I have to agree with Jennifer (above)! I did NOT know this existed. This is definitely on my calendar for next year! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. we had some crazy maple cheddar on a cheese plate in lake placid..AMAZING!

  4. wow, I just got hungry!! I am interested in how you edit your photos …. they are always so crisp and with such a great brightness to them …. what do you do??? would you share your secret?????

  5. I can’t wait to go to the sugar shack. It’s such a great tradition! I just go cray-zay for the mapple pies. Yummies!

  6. Thats so funny – my Dad recently built and started running his own tiny sugar shanty. And this weekend he was telling me all about Maple Weekend and visiting other sugar houses and whatnot. So its funny you posted this! Looks like you guys had fun!

  7. Great pictures. Looks like so much fun!

  8. OH MY GOSH. I’m obsessed w/Maple Syrup. In California we don’t harvest maple syrup, so I can only imagine what a maple weekend would be like. Sound amazing. Seriously, that would be my dream come true.

  9. Now this is something totally different for us! Never experienced anything like it. But we LOVE maple syrup, so we’d be all over something like that. And your little triscuit treat sounds super good to me.
    Those little uggs on Rowan get me every time. 😉

  10. Beautiful pictures, your daughters look adorable 🙂

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  11. Mmmm, maple syrup…maple cream…maple anything! I got addicted when I was living in Canada but here in the UK the real stuff is SO hard to find, and ridiculously overpriced! Jealous you can get it in abundance!

  12. This is amazing. It’s like the modern verson of the maple party in the Little House in the Big Woods book.

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