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Lucky Magazine asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to partner up with some of our fav bloggers and celebrity spokeswoman and Mom Jaime Pressly to share tips on how we maximize our morning routines. Vaseline has created a new Spray & Go compressed air moisturizer which lets you speed up the time it takes to get ready in the morning and let me just say, it is pretty dang awesome! It is so dry up here in the northeast during the winter. I can actually spray and rub it in all with one hand. Which is huge because I am usually holding Finley in the other. Plus, my biggest pet peeve with lotion is it getting in my rings- problem solved!

Mornings are tough for us. We are busy, busy, busy and these 2 rag-a-muffins take a lot of time to get ready. They usually leave me with very little time to get ready myself…


They sure are cute though!

Our mornings usually look like this…
1. 7am: Finley wakes up. Kev goes and gets her, changes her diaper and brings her to me in bed. I nurse her, cuddle her for a bit and then pass her off to Kev. I layout my clothes for the day and jump in the shower quick before Rowan wakes up.

2. 7:30am Rowan wakes up. Finely gets passed back to me and Kev goes and gets Rowan. They go downstairs, eat breakfast and play games. I finish getting ready upstairs with Finley. Here is where any short cuts with getting ready are super helpful. Vaseline’s Spray & Go moisturizer lets me get in my favorite skinny jeans moments after putting it on. It absorbs super fast. I also love creating an easy makeup routine. I am a little eyeliner, black mascara and pink lipgloss kind of girl. It takes about 2 mins tops.



3. 7:45am I usually just blow dry my bangs real quick and then air dry the rest of my hair. I throw on my clothes and get Finley dressed.

4. 8:00am Head down stairs, drink some tea, hang out as a family before Kev has to get ready for work.

5. 8:15am Get Rowan dressed and then make sure my purse is packed with everything I will need throughout the day. Get coats on, turn off lights and put kids in car seats.

6. 8:30am Off we go. Today we are headed to a doctors appointment at 8:45, followed by the library, a preschool tour at 11:45am, then a lunch date with girlfriends and kiddos before we head back home around 3:30pm for a late nap before Kev gets home.

The biggest help for a quick and easy morning routine is (if you can swing it) team work! Kev and I work together to make sure kids are taken care of and that we get a few minutes for ourselves to get ready. Having products, an easy hair style and favorite clothes that make getting ready faster are a bonus!!




How do you maximize your mornings? Have any shortcuts you want to share??

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  1. claire •

    You look great! What a sweet family.

  2. I think I’m going to need to try this stuff! I’ve recently started making my breakfast smoothie the night before. It saves me a ton of time and it keeps perfectly well in the fridge overnight!

  3. I’m incredibly jealous of all the help you get from your husband in the morning. I have been stuck showering at night the past 6 months.

  4. I start on Sunday getting all lunches ready for my Little Lady and I make 2 to 3 days of lunches for myself. Then I make egg muffins (I cook scrambled eggs with crumbled sausage in muffin tins for 15 min so we can pop them in the microwave and go in the mornings. I try to get all of my clothes and the Littles clothes ready the night before so there is no searching for a missing sock or random shoe. People think I am crazy for doing so much on Sunday, but it is a huge life saver. I do most of the morning routine by myself since my hubby wakes up so much later than I do, but we have already made a game plan for when we decide to throw another Little into the mix.

  5. Patricia D •

    Thanks for sharing! I would love to hear more of your time saving ideas, it is tough to fit everything in.

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