Dear Finley James


Hi sweet girl.
I overheard your Dad telling you this morning that he was so glad you were part of our family. It could not be more true. You are the perfect match. It’s funny but even though you are so little, I feel like I can already see who you are going to become. You are going to be so kind, sweet and gentle hearted. You are so easy going, easily entertained and love to be around people. You are curious yet a little cautious. You like to give a furrowed brow, but in the blink of an eye you are all smiles. You smile with your whole body. It’s as if your smile takes over, your head tilts, your eyes get big, and your little body wiggles side to side. Rowan has been getting you to smile a lot lately and it’s pretty dang cute to watch. I hope you two grow up being best friends. I know the fighting will come but I hope that the love you have for each other will always prevail.

You are almost 10 weeks old. You have been sleeping consistently from 9pm-7:15am for about 2 weeks now. It is heaven. We have a check up tomorrow and I am so curious to find out how much you weigh. I don’t know why it’s always so exciting to find out how much a baby weighs, but I look forward to it. I think you will be getting a few shots this time around too. I hate that part though.

I’ve been enjoying you so much lately. I just want to eat you up. I wrote a post a while ago about how I didn’t think I was much of a newborn person. It makes me a little sad to think that’s how I felt with Rowan, when I feel so completely the opposite with you. It in no way means I wasn’t head over heels in love with Rowan, but I think we were so filled with fear that I couldn’t relax. Of course I loved so many precious moments with your sister, I just think my perspective is so different this time around. I want every day to stand still so I can soak up each moment with you. We always knew we would have more than one kid, so with Rowan I knew everything we were experiencing we would eventually experience again. This time around I don’t know. We could very well feel like we are happy and complete with 2. It is something we are praying over and will ultimately decide one day in the future, but for now I am trying to soak up all your newborn goodness. Your sweet smells, your little coos, your whole body smiles, your little leg rolls, etc…

This newborn stage is pretty amazing.




  1. Oh, Jen. I really feel like we are the same person. I don’t know what it’s like to have 2 kids but I think you and I had a similar experience with our firsts, and I think the next time around will be a lot different for me. We are thinking we may only have 2 kids also, and I really want Roo to have a sister so I hope we get another girl (when the time comes)! You have the perfect little family!

  2. such a sweet post – she is too cute.

  3. She’s so gorgeous! I completely agree about the first one being overwhelming and every territory is uncharted. I only have one 2 year old at the moment but look forward to having another one soon. :o)

  4. Such sweetness!
    I wish my 4 month old boy slept like that!
    : )

  5. such incredibly lovely photos and sentiments 🙂 I understand the feeling of not being able to relax with your first. I’m presently there and I’m really trying to get myself to slow down and be in the moment more (which is quite difficult).

  6. So sweet! lucky you to have a good sleeper and an easing going personality. My baby is the OPPOSITE so I was a little happier for the newborn stage to end :/

  7. kissable! they grow so fast, enjoy that newborn smell 🙂

  8. This is such a sweet love letter from mama to baby. As I look forward to having children in the future, this post makes it that much more desirable. 🙂

  9. Wow, she is sleeping through the night! Tell me your secrets.. my 16 month old still wakes up to nurse at night..

  10. Aw so cute!i think our little ones are the same age! Mine is a chubby little boy. Wasn’t sure I wanted a second but seeing pics with your older daughter makes me want another and the cute clothes makes me want a girl 🙂

  11. Yes! Please share your secrets on getting her to sleep through the night at such a young age when you are breastfeeding!

  12. Oh, a letter to the baby they will surely read when they’re older is such a cute idea! We must do this! 10 weeks pregnant now 🙂

  13. Maryam •

    This is so sweet! My little one is just hitting nine weeks now and I’d also LOVE to hear any sleep advice you may have. I know it’s a loaded minefield but seriously, share the wisdom 😉

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