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We are big fans of Hello Apparel! So when we heard about their collaboration with P.S I Adore You and CureSearch, I knew we had to join in and spread the news for our March service project. Hello Apparel is selling these super cute baseball tees (Adult one, Child one) with all the proceeds going to CureSearch for childhood cancer research. With the money we made using affiliate links last month we bought 2 of the shirts and then were able to make a donation to CureSearch as well. We’ve been able to wear the shirts together and share what CureSearch is doing with people who ask.

Join in & spread the news! By a shirt for yourself or make a quick donation!



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You can read about why we started our service projects HERE
& the service project for February.

  1. Rebecca •

    I normally really love your blog and your PoV. But this “service project” sounds more like a “shopping project”. There is no project involved in the activity…you bought shirts online and donated. That’s fine, in and of itself, but what does that teach Rowan? That consumption is the route to go when giving back? I see no way that this was interactive for her or taught her anything. I was super excited when you announced the monthly projects on the blog because I think it’s a brilliant way to introduce community-focused values at a young age. But I think you really dropped the ball with this one.

  2. Good for you for teaching Rowan about doing good for your community!

    xo Jennifer

  3. Haha, no good deed goes unpunished, am I right?? Love the post, love Hello Apparel, and LOVE Rowan’s sunnies!! Wish my baby girl would keep some on. She HATES sun in her eyes, but also hates anything that actually keeps it out too…bad combo. 😉


  4. @Rebecca I am sorry you feel that way but you really have no idea what it is that we have sat down and discussed with Rowan about this project. Your comment is a rather large assumption.

    I don’t really agree that it’s teaching her to be materialistic. We bought something (proceeds going to charity) that was tangible and that we could use as a talking point about sick kids and finding a cure. As a 2.5 year old that is huge for understanding. She knows that her “special sparkle shirt” means she helped find medicine for sick kids. Will every month be like this? No. But this is what we chose to do this month. There are lots of different ways to help others and we will continue to do different things each month. I don’t think it warranted an upset comment.

    You are free to have your opinion but I am happy with how the money was spent this month.

  5. this is awesome! i’ve read your blog for a while and am always so encouraged by what generous attitudes you guys have! plus the shirts are stinkin’ adorable 🙂

  6. While I agree that too many assumptions were made, I understand your concern, Rebecca. I’m working really hard to overcome the desire to feel good simply through my purchases because I know that I could do a whole lot better by buying less and using that money to impact someone directly. Buying from ethical companies is a start, though, and pairing it with real life service work seems like a well rounded approach, though I don’t have children so I can’t speak directly to child-rearing here. Sometimes the most effective thing we can do is give to charities like Oxfam who have the resources and staff to make real differences outside our sphere of influence. Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save promotes that mission – I recommend it. – Leah,

  7. As a cancer mom I want to thank you. Not only did you do something good by purchasing these tee’s, you are helping to spread the word which is HUGE! Childhood cancer is rarely talked about and is vastly underfunded because kids can’t speak for themselves or start fundraisers, they can’t tweet or post to facebook so their disease doesn’t get a lot of support, yet it is still the leading cause of death from disease among U.S. children over the age of one. Cancer kills more children than cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, AIDS, asthma and juvenile diabetes combined
    Despite these facts, childhood cancer research is vastly and consistently underfunded.

    Jen is not JUST purchasing a shirt. She bought it, donated funds, blogged and talked to her daughter about it, and when they wear them they create conversations for others which to a cancer mom is PRICELESS!

    @Rebecca @Leah it is too bad that you have to judge someone for the way they choose to do good. As a mom who has suffered through this there is nothing I would have rather her do. CureSearch saved my daughters life. I have watched too many of our cancer friends loose their battle and I will always continue to do my best to raise awareness and funds for these kids. There is nothing she could have done with her time or money that would have been better.

    Thank you Jen!

  8. Tawnie •

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple months now and really look forward to your posts! I just bought a shirt for my son, Ollie! Can’t wait for it to get in and love what it is for.

  9. @Chelsea, I did not intend for the tone of my comment to sound aggressive or judgmental. I was trying to provide a well-rounded, more positive approach to the apparent conflict between Rebecca’s and Jen’s points of view. I think the entirety of my comment represents that. We’re all trying to do our best to work toward greater sensitivity and do good works in all aspects of our lives and I applaud that. – Leah

  10. @Jen I completely agree with you! I have a three year old and I think this project was perfect for your daughter’s age. A great way to open up discussion about how to help sick children and what more you can do in the future, especially as she grows up. I also love hello apparel. Thanks for the post! Your daughter looks too cute!

  11. Jen, about five years ago my family started doing this Christmas tradition where we each take $100 and help somebody in need. That’s the rules. The first year I donated my money to buy a ox in Africa, the second year I bought dinners for families in need through Whole Foods, the third year I left it as a tip for a waitress at a Village Inn. The fourth year my fiance and I adopted families in the community, and last year we gave it to our favorite (very pregnant) waitress in town. All of this culminates to helping people does not look a certain way, and I commend what you are doing in your family. So often I think we get this idea that helping has to look one certain way, but the fact of the matter is that you’re teaching Rowan skills that will help her grown into a beautiful woman inside and out.

    In regards to @Rebecca’s (who seems like she just commented never to return to join the conversation) comment: how you choose to raise your daughter is your choice, and if your service project is teaching her how to be aware, that’s perfect! Just because that’s your choice, doesn’t mean that’s what she has to do with her kids. The fact that you are doing this with Rowan is AMAZING! So many kids are raised with zero awareness of how fulfilling helping others is… Go Jen!

  12. you two are beyond adorable! i admire your service projects. you are inspiring!


  13. Rebecca •

    Thanks for your response Jen, and everyone else who also added their opinion too. I also try to consume ethically when I can, but I have also learned and experienced over time what overconsumption can do to communities and have taken significant efforts to give back in more tangible ways. I know we only see a snippet of blogger’s lives, but I guess it bothers me the way some only focus on shopping type activities (yours does not fall into this category by any means, I just mean it as a general statement about the “blogosphere”) Like I previously said, I think it’s amazing and admirable the way you are teaching your daughters community values. It’s something my grandmother did for me and I hope to pass on someday. I really look forward to seeing your April project because the February one was *beautiful*. Thanks for sharing your stories & your lives with us! To anyone who read my comment and was offended, I apologize that I wasn’t able to convey my message in a more PC way.

  14. Keep up the great work Jen. This is awesome. Coming from a momma of FOUR, I’d say any little thing you do to teach a two-year-old about giving is amazing. My two-year old hardly talks yet, and thinks he owns everything (haha,) but I’m not worried. I’ll be able to tell when he is ready to understand more. I’ve raised three others who are actively involved in (physically) giving and serving.
    Two is SO YOUNG! There is only so much they can understand even.
    Considering you are home with a newborn–YOU ROCK. I love what you’re doing, and I wouldn’t mind an online giving (even shopping) post every month. Do what you can and don’t feel any pressure to do more. What a great charity you chose to support!
    keep it up. 🙂

  15. this is awesome! there are so many ways to bring awareness & what a fun way to do so by wearing and adorable shirt. seriously–some things need not be over thought & if by purchasing a shirt & donating money to a cause can make a difference, i’m all for it. thanks for sharing & hope you aren’t discouraged by the difference in opinions noted above. keep doing what your doing!

  16. Super cute and fun! This a great cause to spread awareness about!

  17. What a great cause! Rowan should be so proud of her “special sparkle shirt”! These monthly service projects are such a wonderful way to teach your daughters about helping others.

  18. Tania (what would a nerd wear) •

    hi jen!
    i love seeing your and rowan’s service projects and this one is especially awesome because i do part time grant writing for curesearch and it’s a really cool thing to see them on your blog! there are all kinds of different ways to participate in service projects–sometimes it’s going out and doing something, and sometimes it’s buying something that donates proceeds to a charity, which I will tell you is actually a really big deal on the charity end!
    anyway, just a note to say hi and thank you, and yay for curesearch! they do really wonderful work and i’m so happy to be involved with them.
    xx tania

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