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Well, I was tagged by the ever so lovely Sydney, who was tagged by the ever so lovely Natalie to complete one of these 5 Things blog posts. So, here I am sharing 5 things about myself…


1. I think no matter what age I become, there will always be a small part of my 20 year old self inside (well my 17-24yr old self). The one that wears lots of black, and hooded band sweatshirts that have lots of pins on them (especially of her boyfriend’s band), and drinks lots of hot tea, and sits around drawing in her sketch book and listening to music really loud. The one who would drive hours to go see her favorite band and would stay up all night long just to go on secret adventures with her favorite person. The one that snowboarded day and night and who’s walls were covered floor to ceiling with posters from transworld snowboarding and band show posters. I liked that 20 year old self because she grew up to be the 30 year old self I have become.

2. I am an obsessive planner of vacations. I LOVE to travel. I can think of nothing better than to travel around with Kev and the kids experiencing new things together. I daydream a lot about backpacking around europe, taking cross country road trips and visiting every continent. I would love it if our girls grew up being well traveled and got to experience new cultures first hand. I always just want to pick up and go…

3. I could eat candy morning, noon and night. Kale, candy and pasta. Those are my favorite foods.

4. I was going into the 5th grade when we moved from Canada to the USA and I was so afraid that I wouldn’t fit in. Before school started I thought of a thousand different things that I was sure the kids would make fun of me for. None of the things I thought of though were what they picked on me for that first day as a little nerdy 5th grader from Canada. You know what it was? I very clearly remember being introduced to the class as the “new student” and hearing a bunch of boys making fun of how I was wearing my socks.

5. There is an abandoned bridge that goes over the Mass Pike into Boston (in Framingham) that Kev and I painted all over in college (Shhh don’t tell). You can still see it from the highway going west.

I am not going to tag anyone but if you want to do your own 5 Things- Let me know so I can go read it! Or leave your 5 things in the comments below!

  1. Heather •

    I just turned 27 and I still love my band hoodies, hxc & punk and listening to records. I am excited to share my then life with my now life too. Here’s to growing up but not forgetting who YOU are! Ps: you look really comfy.

  2. Katrina •

    I really enjoy reading your blog but this post has just made my day. Former winnipegger here, comeback kid is my friends band and I think my 17 year old self and your 20 year old self were very similar. This post made me smile. Thanks for the walk down memory land, great way to start my day as a 30 year old mama.

  3. Great post! I moved to US when I was in 7th grade and on my first day of school I got made fun of for wearing red pants. who knew red pants would become so stylish! I’m turning 29 soon and at one point I was so freaked out about it but you make it look so much fun! Love love your blog 🙂

  4. This post is really neat. Just 5 things we don’t know about you, random things that actually do an excellent job of allowing us to get to know you better. I am going to think about doing a post similar on my blog.

  5. I loved this post so much that I did one too.

    You can check it out here: http://oneproductatatime.com/2013/03/07/5-things/

    Have an awesome rest of the day!

  6. I swear they just don’t make hoodies like they used to! I keep a few old ones around because the newer sweatshirts I own just don’t have the same comfort to them. Maybe it’s a bit of nostalgia? Either way, they are the best!

  7. Heather C •

    I had the same Comeback Kid hoodie when I was in high school!!! I think I stole it form my boyfriend at the time!

  8. Jennilee •

    This may seem weird – but did you and your husband go to Framingham State? I graduated from there in 2004 and I thought your husband looked familiar, but I never thought anything of it until you posted about the Mass Pike Bridge in Framingham!

  9. I think it’s so cute that you and Kev secretly painted on that bridge! You should take the girls there when they are older and have them add something!

    xo Jennifer


  10. I’m definitely doing this sometime next week!

    Loved #1 on the list. While watching the Grammy’s this year with my husband, I happened to mention a concert I went to when I was in college. He responded by saying he had no idea I liked going to concerts. How, after 8 years together, that never came up is beyond me! I haven’t been to one in years, mostly because he hates going to them, and my friends now are all country music fans (barf…sorry, I just don’t like it). It did remind me of the 17 year old me…going to concerts in the summer, sitting in my room blasting my stereo at night, writing stupid poems about idiot boyfriends, and making friendship bracelets….which I hear are making a comeback. 🙂

    Thanks for reminding me that there’s still a teenager in there somewhere who would probably find my life now pretty awesome…and a little boring grown-up, too. 😉

  11. Traveling as a family is such a wonderful gift to give your children!! Something they will cherish for years and years.

  12. COMEBACK KID!!! love the band, love the sweater!

  13. I don’t know that my 20-year old self will ever leave either. I thought I’d still be going to hardcore shows when I was 26…but alas, this doesn’t happen anymore, but I can still dress like I might go to one. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to change my appetite for candy and dessert for dinner either.

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  15. ugh, you just described me in #1! So strange – almost identical to who I am now. I often think of my future – will I still love music? will I be involved in it in my career? will I still make snow/wakeboarding a big part of my life? so hard to tell! Love this little glimpse. :]]]

  16. Love this! I will look for that bridge when I’m in Boston in a few weeks!

    Here’s my 5 things post! Would love for you to check it out! I had so much fun putting it together. http://www.annetheadventurer.com/2013/03/5-things-with-2-fun-videos.html

  17. I know that bridge! I spent many a Saturday bridge-jumping there when I was in high school.

  18. Nadia •

    In no particular order:
    1) I find discussing politics exhausting, but inevitably end up doing it anyways.
    2) I’m a video gaming girl; the oddity.
    3) I don’t keep track of my age now that I’m over 20. I was born in 1989, and that’s all I can tell you without doing the math.
    4) I took drama in high school to get over my fear of meeting new people. I still find it exhausting (and it’s part of my job!), but can’t say that I necessarily fear it anymore.
    5) My husband also started his own company, but from the coding side of web dev/ and design! ( blacklightmedia.ca ) I look forward to the day we can stop going paycheque to paycheque so that I can be a mama; we hope to have a family as beautiful as yours!

    Your posts are always delightful, helpful, and inspiring. You just keep being you, and never let yourself (or others) get in the way of sharing your unique little corner of the universe with us; love it!

  19. Your number 2 is me, as well. I’m an obsessive planner. My husband says, “can’t we just go with the flow?” Uh, NO! Haha. I also did a 5 things post: http://modbohemian.blogspot.com/2013/03/five-things.html

  20. loved your 5 things – and i especially love your picks of you, your hoodie and moccs. rock on!

  21. I enjoy reading your blog on a daily basis! it’s a real joy and I especially like point no 1! stay funky and never act your age.. (if possible)

  22. Becky •

    Exactly HOW were you wearing your socks in fifth grade?

  23. I still have a soft spot for all my old soccer, volleyball hoodies. They are my favorite to wear around the house!

  24. colleen •

    As yes, I remember thinking that I would always need to live in a city and I would still be going to hardcore shows, but now, with 2 kids, I really enjoy have some me time at home. My band shirts made it into a quilt, and I actually missed the chance to see Comeback kid in Calgary this year, cause I am now a responsible working mother…

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