Our Little Piano Star…

Dear Kev,
Look at this kid that we made? Could she be any cuter, more magical or make your heart want to burst? How has she gotten so big?

We make pretty amazing babies Mr!
Love you,
Your Wife!

(We’ve been in Canada all week without kev- we miss him like crazy. Just wanted to send him a cute video of Rowan at her Grandma Great’s house. It was awesome to have 4 generations all together at once!)

  1. OMG the page turning kills me!!
    What a cutie!! Haha. Post more videos!

    Also, hope you’re enjoying Canada! Wish we could meet up!

  2. I love the way she turns the pages and her flourishes on the keyboard. You’ve got a little star on your hands. :o)

  3. this is the cutest video i have ever seen.
    she is so adorable.

    (The fact that she’s turning the pages backwards makes it that much more hilarious)

  5. oh jen shes so so lovely! what a charmy kid! it makes me smile when i see rowan, shes gorgeus! lovely greetings from germany to you! xoxo

  6. eek! i just died & went to cuteness heaven!

  7. Milly •

    I just died from so much Adorableness!!

  8. i love this!!! so so so much!!!! all of it really – but when she says “SSSSSS” in the ABCs, oh well i just died a bit!!!! what a complete love! and yes, you two make some pretty amazing babies!!! xox

  9. That Joe Fresh cardi! I wanted to buy that so desperately for a little gal but didn’t have one to buy for – so glad Rowan is wearing it! And I must say – thats one little rockstar you’ve got on your hands!

  10. The sweetest thing! I love how she kept turning the pages in the book! Adorable!

  11. What a cute piano star!

  12. My one-year-old daughter immediately started dancing to this video, so good job Rowan! 🙂

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