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March 2013

My Everyday Style Vol. 6


These shoes totally make me feel like a million bucks! They are so classic and simple, yet paired with some skinny jeans make me feel so chic (even though I have baby spit on my shoulder). Granted I’m not wearing them on my day to day with the kiddos but they are perfect for an evening out with Kev, even if its only to the coffee shop. Don’t you just love shoemint? Hello, free shipping and returns!

As I was taking these pictures, Rowan became slightly obsessed with the camera remote. She kept wanting to take turns posing and pressing the remote button. Little fashion blogger in the making. We totally didn’t even plan on sort of matching. This seems to happen a lot though. I swear I end up matching one of the girls at least twice a week. I feel like lately it’s becoming more and more apparent to me how grown up Rowan is. Here are a few things she does at the moment that I would like to rememeber forever…

1. She likes to add an “s” to the end of words. She says things like “wanna play dress ups?” “a waffle with syrups” “Let’s do makeups” It cracks me up.

2. Every time we go out the garage door to the car, she has to run out on the driveway and scream “DOGGIES!!!” at the top of her lungs. She says she has to wake them up.

3. The way she calls Finley or any baby for the matter “honey”.

4. She is always asking Finley (well she calls her Baby Finley) “You like that?” when she does something to her.

5. She is getting so good at playing by herself. I love hearing her play at her dollhouse. She usually makes her dolls recreate some scenario that has happened in real life that morning. It is super funny to over hear them talking.

6. When things are missing she likes to say it’s a “mystery”. Then she walks around the house with her hand above her eyes like she is looking/searching for it.

7. As soon as Kev walks in the door at night she goes running to him to give him the biggest hug. Then proceeds to say “play seek with me Daddy”. She loves playing hide and seek.

8. Rowan LOVES to sing. She is convinced that she knows all the words- even to songs she has never heard before. In the car no matter what is playing she will be mumbling words along with it. She does however know all the words to the yo gabba gabba cds and belts those out. Yesterday she even had hand motions going on.

9. She is obsessed with all things Princess and Cinderella.

10. Kev and her like to go back and forth yelling “sayyyy whaaaaat???” Don’t ask but it’s funny.

11. When she doesn’t want to do something she usually says “I too little” to try to get out of it. ha!

12. Just how much she loves her friends. Warms my heart.

13. How well she listens at soccer. She is in her first non parent involved class. Ahhh how is she that old?

14. How much she LOVES school. When we went on interviews the other week. I am pretty sure it was the greatest day of her life. She can not wait until the fall.

15. The way she says marshmallow, lunch, and donut.

16. She continues to be just the smartest, most passionate, brave and spirited little girl there ever was. Boy, oh boy she melts our hearts.









Peplum Tank: Target (similar)
Moto Jacket: Forever 21- old (similar)
Jeans: Madewell (old)
Heels: c/o Shoemint

Flutter Sleeve Sweater: Joe Fresh
Striped top: H&M
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Minnetonka

Let’s Do This!


It’s been almost 3 months since I had Finley and I am starting to get that crazy desire to train for a marathon again. I am feeling healed and ready to take on that challenge. Over the past 3 years I have either been training for a race, pregnant or both and since I am not pregnant anymore (thank the lord) it’s time to sign up to run marathon number 3. This time around I picked the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront marathon on October 22nd!! I couldn’t be more excited. Kev and I watched the documentary “Spirit of the Marathon” on netflix the other night and I sat with a big lump in my throat the entire time. If you haven’t run a marathon I don’t think you can fully understand how it changes you. Seeing the runners get up before the sun & getting ready for their 20 mile training run, the ocd that develops on the day of races, the pain, the tears, the joy, they are all emotions I know too well. I don’t run because I love running. I run to train for races, I need that end goal. I know I will never, ever win anything. That’s not the point. It is such an inner, personal win for me each time. I am not a very disciplined person but training for a marathon forces me to be and I like that.

I always make myself running calendars that I hang on the wall in my bedroom. I will look them over hundreds of time from now until October. It’s a little daunting these first few weeks but I’m ready to start this journey. I am ready to get out there in the fresh air. I am ready to get rid of this baby weight and I am ready to feel strong and beautiful.

Plus, I love getting some new gear to kick my butt into gear!
Love these shoes!
Love these pants!
Love this jacket!
Love this sports bra!
Love this tank!

Running really is a personal journey, whether your running a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon. Do you have a running story you would like to share? I’d love to read!
Leave a comment below!

Favorite Finds…

Happy Monday!
Hope you had a great weekend. We had a busy buy wonderful weekend together. I went on my first solo run yesterday since Finley was born. Boy, it’s painful to start running again after a long time away but it felt good to feel that burn in my lungs. It was relatively mild out yesterday on the run but it seemed like all the birds that were chirping were more angry sounding then happy spring birds. It’s as if they were pissed because they flew home for spring and it’s still winter. I hear ya birds! I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of wearing anything other than boots at the moment. Here are some of my current favorites…

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

and here are some favorite links from this past week!

1. My favorite jeans are all on sale for $39 dollars!! Heck yeah!!

2. Yummy Mango salsa. I am pretty sure I could eat chips and salsa all day long.

3. Octopus ice cube trays? I am sorry, but that is really cool!!

4. Beautiful little town, beautiful little family!

5. Pretty much obsessed with this skirt!

6. I must make these stat! Banana Coconut Mini Bundt Cakes!

7. This Rad to the Bone Dress is the best thing ever!

8. This picture is beyond precious!

9.The most perfect casual tshirt for summer. So comfy, yet chic. (plus, 25% off orders over $125!)

10. Why do baby chicks just make everything better? So freaking cute!

11. The perfect planter for your house (and in mint green!)

12. Bri’s living room is pretty amazing!! Dying over the colors.

13. Head over heels in love with Jessica’s outfit. Pure perfection!

14. Such a pretty dress for the summertime!

Let’s Make Something: Bath Bombs

bathbomb3 copy

Here we go! It’s so nerve racking putting a video up of yourself. Pictures are easy. They are still, quiet and still hold a bit of mystery to them. A video is the real deal. Ha! I wanted to start a little series here on the blog called “Let’s Make Something”. My favorite things to do with Rowan are little projects we can work on together. Whether thats cooking, art, etc… I thought since so many of you out there are Moms we could share the fun projects we do together and give you some ideas for you and your little ones.

Today we made bath bombs. We are big fans of baths around here, both Finley and Rowan love them. I love those Lush bath bombs but can’t justify the price of those amazing things all the time. So we just decided to make our own. Rowan loved this little project and you better believe she reminds me every time she takes a bath that she wants to use one of them. I love seeing the pride she takes in everything she makes. It warms my heart when Rowan runs to the door when Kev comes home and can’t get the words out fast enough as she tells him about the things she made that day.

Spray bottle
1-3/4 cup baking soda
1 cup citric acid (I found at Walmart by the canning supplies)
2 cups cornstarch
Food Coloring
Silicone molds
Essential oils

TIP: Try adding your own touch. We’ve also made ones with oatmeal and coconut oil to make them great for your skin. Other essential oil favorites for bath bombs are lavender and mint. Wrap them up in a pretty bag or fill a mason jar and give as a gift to friends.




p.s. I didn’t realize Rowan had knocked the camera so that’s why our heads are cut off the entire time. Whoops. And yes, my hair is ridiculous looking. I had just taken out Heidi braids. The crimped look is not one I was trying to aim for. Double whoops. Note to self: Schedule a hair cut for this weekend. It’s our first “Let’s Make Something” video. We can only get better!

and yes, Rowan said Baby Finley’s favorite foods were “milk and boobies”

We Love Maple Weekend!


Did you know the first harvest of the new year is maple syrup? Mmmmm. Every year New York has an annual Maple Weekend where maple farms have open houses with tours, samples and fun activities. I look forward to it every year. The smell when you walk in to a sugarhouse is beyond delicious. We stopped by 2 farms with friends this year and left with one GIANT jug of Grade A pure maple syrup and a tub of Maple Cream. If you haven’t had maple cream before you are missing out. Oh goodness is rocks my world. If by chance you can get your hands on some be sure to try this little snack… a triscuit, dollop of maple cream and a small sliver of white cheddar. Sounds weird but you will thank me!













And then she giggled…

Is there a sweeter sound?

Max The Morning…


Lucky Magazine asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to partner up with some of our fav bloggers and celebrity spokeswoman and Mom Jaime Pressly to share tips on how we maximize our morning routines. Vaseline has created a new Spray & Go compressed air moisturizer which lets you speed up the time it takes to get ready in the morning and let me just say, it is pretty dang awesome! It is so dry up here in the northeast during the winter. I can actually spray and rub it in all with one hand. Which is huge because I am usually holding Finley in the other. Plus, my biggest pet peeve with lotion is it getting in my rings- problem solved!

Mornings are tough for us. We are busy, busy, busy and these 2 rag-a-muffins take a lot of time to get ready. They usually leave me with very little time to get ready myself…


They sure are cute though!

Our mornings usually look like this…
1. 7am: Finley wakes up. Kev goes and gets her, changes her diaper and brings her to me in bed. I nurse her, cuddle her for a bit and then pass her off to Kev. I layout my clothes for the day and jump in the shower quick before Rowan wakes up.

2. 7:30am Rowan wakes up. Finely gets passed back to me and Kev goes and gets Rowan. They go downstairs, eat breakfast and play games. I finish getting ready upstairs with Finley. Here is where any short cuts with getting ready are super helpful. Vaseline’s Spray & Go moisturizer lets me get in my favorite skinny jeans moments after putting it on. It absorbs super fast. I also love creating an easy makeup routine. I am a little eyeliner, black mascara and pink lipgloss kind of girl. It takes about 2 mins tops.



3. 7:45am I usually just blow dry my bangs real quick and then air dry the rest of my hair. I throw on my clothes and get Finley dressed.

4. 8:00am Head down stairs, drink some tea, hang out as a family before Kev has to get ready for work.

5. 8:15am Get Rowan dressed and then make sure my purse is packed with everything I will need throughout the day. Get coats on, turn off lights and put kids in car seats.

6. 8:30am Off we go. Today we are headed to a doctors appointment at 8:45, followed by the library, a preschool tour at 11:45am, then a lunch date with girlfriends and kiddos before we head back home around 3:30pm for a late nap before Kev gets home.

The biggest help for a quick and easy morning routine is (if you can swing it) team work! Kev and I work together to make sure kids are taken care of and that we get a few minutes for ourselves to get ready. Having products, an easy hair style and favorite clothes that make getting ready faster are a bonus!!




How do you maximize your mornings? Have any shortcuts you want to share??

this post was sponsored by lucky magazine. All opinions are my own.
For more information, visit
We choose to work with specific sponsors in an effort to raise money for our monthly charity projects. Thanks for supporting that!

Month Two…


Month two has been great! A lot of the craziness that follows month one smooths out into a nice groove in month two. We are loving being a family of four. It is obviously double the work, but also double the fun! I am counting down the days until it is warmer out. We are getting a little stir crazy around here lately. We are desperate for afternoons at the park and adventures in the backyard. Life is good though. I am feeling so blessed for our health and our little family. We have so much to be thankful for. There will always be struggles in life but choosing to use those as a chance to grow and become stronger let’s you focus on being happy and in the moment. I am realizing more and more that time with your kids when they are little goes way too fast.

Here is a collection of random photos from the past month…

Morning cuddles

nightstand of a nursing mom

doctor princess rowan to the rescue

hello, beautiful new double jogging stroller

she’s like to eat her toast with a fork

finally getting out our awesome birth announcements

cuddling with her GG (Grandma Great)

impulse bang cutting

lovely new summer shoes

lazy afternoon

she has very intense expressions for such a little peanut


i killed my phone… but I got a new iphone5!

i’ve become slightly obsessed with icing cookies

snow, snow, go away!



we love making fun popsicles in our Zuku!

spying on her Grandpa Great

first bottle (of breast milk) from Daddy


Dear Finley James


Hi sweet girl.
I overheard your Dad telling you this morning that he was so glad you were part of our family. It could not be more true. You are the perfect match. It’s funny but even though you are so little, I feel like I can already see who you are going to become. You are going to be so kind, sweet and gentle hearted. You are so easy going, easily entertained and love to be around people. You are curious yet a little cautious. You like to give a furrowed brow, but in the blink of an eye you are all smiles. You smile with your whole body. It’s as if your smile takes over, your head tilts, your eyes get big, and your little body wiggles side to side. Rowan has been getting you to smile a lot lately and it’s pretty dang cute to watch. I hope you two grow up being best friends. I know the fighting will come but I hope that the love you have for each other will always prevail.

You are almost 10 weeks old. You have been sleeping consistently from 9pm-7:15am for about 2 weeks now. It is heaven. We have a check up tomorrow and I am so curious to find out how much you weigh. I don’t know why it’s always so exciting to find out how much a baby weighs, but I look forward to it. I think you will be getting a few shots this time around too. I hate that part though.

I’ve been enjoying you so much lately. I just want to eat you up. I wrote a post a while ago about how I didn’t think I was much of a newborn person. It makes me a little sad to think that’s how I felt with Rowan, when I feel so completely the opposite with you. It in no way means I wasn’t head over heels in love with Rowan, but I think we were so filled with fear that I couldn’t relax. Of course I loved so many precious moments with your sister, I just think my perspective is so different this time around. I want every day to stand still so I can soak up each moment with you. We always knew we would have more than one kid, so with Rowan I knew everything we were experiencing we would eventually experience again. This time around I don’t know. We could very well feel like we are happy and complete with 2. It is something we are praying over and will ultimately decide one day in the future, but for now I am trying to soak up all your newborn goodness. Your sweet smells, your little coos, your whole body smiles, your little leg rolls, etc…

This newborn stage is pretty amazing.




Dreaming of Spring

Yesterday was a tease! It was warm enough to wear only a light coat and I couldn’t have been happier. It’s hard when you get that first taste of spring. It’s usually (around here anyways) followed by a rather cold day letting you know you have to wait a little longer, but it left me dreaming of warm weather clothes, going to the park and long nightly walks together as a family.



My other favorites this past week:
1. Elizabeth looking lovelier than ever

2. I am little scared to think of bathing suits 9 weeks after having a baby but this one is just so beautiful!

3. Checkerboard cake!?!?! How cool is that?

4. Love this post about drawing nearer to your man.

5. The absolute most perfect military style field jacket. On my must get list!

6. I really can’t get over how gorgeous these posts were!

7. Wouldn’t this gingham dress be so super cute for summer?

8. So excited for Danielle! Love these pregnancy posts

9. Oh, I just love anything by Lauren Moffatt and this dress is no exception.

10. I loved seeing these pictures. Happy Anniversary Lesley- that last picture is just too cute!

11. Going Crazy for sandals lately.

Service Project: March


We are big fans of Hello Apparel! So when we heard about their collaboration with P.S I Adore You and CureSearch, I knew we had to join in and spread the news for our March service project. Hello Apparel is selling these super cute baseball tees (Adult one, Child one) with all the proceeds going to CureSearch for childhood cancer research. With the money we made using affiliate links last month we bought 2 of the shirts and then were able to make a donation to CureSearch as well. We’ve been able to wear the shirts together and share what CureSearch is doing with people who ask.

Join in & spread the news! By a shirt for yourself or make a quick donation!



pink copy




You can read about why we started our service projects HERE
& the service project for February.

My Everyday Style Vol. 5


I CUT MY BANGS! I lasted a whole year! That deserves a medal or something, growing out your bangs is no joke. I enjoyed trying out a middle part and I actually even started seeing past the 5th grade Jen with it. At the end of the day though, bangs are more my style I think. There have been some “why did I cut them?!?!?!” days, but for the most part I am happy I cut them. I kind of want to cut the length now as well (like this or this).

Let’s talk about this sweater shall we? It is pretty much pure magic. It also works as the best nursing cover! Bonus! I’ve been wearing it pretty much non stop with these black skinnies. I think ever Mom and Woman for that matter should have a pair of high waisted skinny black jeans in their closet. You can spend a lot on a pair if you want or you can buy these rather inexpensive ones from UO. They are by far my most favorite pair. They have the right amount of stretch, the perfect rise and come in 2 lengths.





Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Denim Shirt: Madewell
Bass Oxfords: Thrifted (similar)
The Bossi Bag: gift from Theit Bags

p.s. did I fool you with my purse? guess what? it’s a camera bag!! Hello, coolest bag I own now.

5 Things…


Well, I was tagged by the ever so lovely Sydney, who was tagged by the ever so lovely Natalie to complete one of these 5 Things blog posts. So, here I am sharing 5 things about myself…


1. I think no matter what age I become, there will always be a small part of my 20 year old self inside (well my 17-24yr old self). The one that wears lots of black, and hooded band sweatshirts that have lots of pins on them (especially of her boyfriend’s band), and drinks lots of hot tea, and sits around drawing in her sketch book and listening to music really loud. The one who would drive hours to go see her favorite band and would stay up all night long just to go on secret adventures with her favorite person. The one that snowboarded day and night and who’s walls were covered floor to ceiling with posters from transworld snowboarding and band show posters. I liked that 20 year old self because she grew up to be the 30 year old self I have become.

2. I am an obsessive planner of vacations. I LOVE to travel. I can think of nothing better than to travel around with Kev and the kids experiencing new things together. I daydream a lot about backpacking around europe, taking cross country road trips and visiting every continent. I would love it if our girls grew up being well traveled and got to experience new cultures first hand. I always just want to pick up and go…

3. I could eat candy morning, noon and night. Kale, candy and pasta. Those are my favorite foods.

4. I was going into the 5th grade when we moved from Canada to the USA and I was so afraid that I wouldn’t fit in. Before school started I thought of a thousand different things that I was sure the kids would make fun of me for. None of the things I thought of though were what they picked on me for that first day as a little nerdy 5th grader from Canada. You know what it was? I very clearly remember being introduced to the class as the “new student” and hearing a bunch of boys making fun of how I was wearing my socks.

5. There is an abandoned bridge that goes over the Mass Pike into Boston (in Framingham) that Kev and I painted all over in college (Shhh don’t tell). You can still see it from the highway going west.

I am not going to tag anyone but if you want to do your own 5 Things- Let me know so I can go read it! Or leave your 5 things in the comments below!

4 Generations…


The girls and I got to travel up to Canada this past week with my Mom to visit a bunch of my relatives. It was so nice to be able to introduce Finley to everyone! We got to see my Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle and Cousins on my Mom’s side and my Dad’s Mom as well. Rowan even got play with her second cousin which was so awesome. My cousins were our best friends growing up so I am always so excited when we get to spend time with them.

My favorite part of the trip though was documenting having 4 generations all together. Not something that happens all that much in our family with everyone being so far away. We spent a lovely afternoon with my Nana (Dad’s Mom) and even got to look through her wedding album with her. I love looking through family history like that. Wasn’t she just the most beautiful bride? I know everything is digital now a days, but there is something so wonderful about a book of printed pictures. I need to remember to print more of our photos instead of just sticking them on my computer.










p.s. I have another 4 generation picture to share with my Mom’s Mom from out trip too!

Our Little Piano Star…

Dear Kev,
Look at this kid that we made? Could she be any cuter, more magical or make your heart want to burst? How has she gotten so big?

We make pretty amazing babies Mr!
Love you,
Your Wife!

(We’ve been in Canada all week without kev- we miss him like crazy. Just wanted to send him a cute video of Rowan at her Grandma Great’s house. It was awesome to have 4 generations all together at once!)

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