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I have 2 things to say… 1. Why are kids obsessed with picking their nose? and 2. Rowan has by far the longest eyelashes and plumpest lips ever. Lucky, girl! My Mom got Rowan this cute Jason Wu dress from Target for Christmas Eve this year. I love that it isn’t really all that christmasy and that she has been able to wear it since then too. I kind of wish I had this dress in my size as well.

Ever since Rowan became a big sister it’s been so apparent to us just how big she is. She has always had a big personality but in the last couple weeks I feel like it has doubled in size. The other day she had Kev and I laughing so hard at her silly toddler antics. She is such a ham.

Rowan is becoming very vocal about things she does and does not want to wear. I would have had her wear her chucks with this dress (love a little tomboy thrown in with super girly) but she only wanted her sparkle shoes. She is all girl, all the time. She loves princesses, sparkles, pink, stars and hearts. Ha! It makes me laugh because it’s so the opposite of me, but I love that she is creating her very own style.








Dress: Target
Tights: Target
Cardigan: Target
Sparkle Shoes: Payless

p.s. Rowan has the craziest hair. I am not quite sure what to do with it. I want it to grow out so I don’t want to cut it, but it has a life of it’s own. Most days she looks like a cross of a very old school Brad from Home Improvement and the guy from The Honorary Title

  1. So cute! Love that she is developing her own style and kudos to you, Jen, for encouraging her to express it! 🙂

  2. My experience with the nose thing is that they are secretly constantly sticking things (like noodles and napkin shards) up there. My Cece has gotten very sneaky about that lately….

  3. Ahhh your posts always mae me so excited that Target is FINALLY coming north to Canada! I hope they carry cute boy stuff too. She’s a beauty like her mama!

  4. I SO wish they had that dress in big girl sizes.

    Rowan is so sweet. I love when babies start to become big kids, with their own personalities and sense of humor. It’s so odd to think about, but they’re just little people!

  5. She is too cute.

  6. Seriously with the nose picking!! It’s like it just starts one day and then they are obsessed!! Last week I spent 15 hours sitting in ER thanks to some wayward peas up the nose!! Not my idea of a good time!!

    Love Rowans sweet dress and sparkly shoes!!

  7. She is adorable. I love that dress with the bow.

    Bonnie Rose | The Compass Rose

  8. her hair is adorable! its the one time in life that you can have bedhead even and no one says a word! cozy is obsessed with princesses and sparkle shoes. she has sparkle toms, ballet flats,etc. its crazy. and she won’t wear socks or tights..i mean we are in ga but come on…its still in the 30s here! i love that Rowan will wear tights, cardigans, jackets, socks..i am honestly jealous! LOL cosette flips out over putting those things on. she says I too big! LOL they sure do have their own style though don’t they. i love it. today cozy wore white pants with pink hearts, a blue tutu, purple shirt, a swim hat and garden boots! HAHA new daycare is going to LOVE her 🙂

  9. My daughter is the same lately… fingers CONSTANTLY up the nose!!! As for her hair, if you trim it just a little it will grow 200 times faster!! Something about the oxygen etc etc. We did it with my daughter and it started to grow super fast!! Of course I wanted to grow it out so I could put it in pigtails,bows,headbands… my daughter will have NONE of it! So we’re going to go chop it off soon because its driving me crazy!!!!

  10. LOL at Rowan’s hair lookalikes – if toddlers could only appreciate how their wonky hair could also be so hip and styling on a musician, teen heartthrob, or small town librarian. She’s such a cherub – love that dress! I’d totally wear that, too.

  11. My daughter has similar hair….slow growing and pretty great bed head.

    We told our kid that nose picking is something you do in the bathroom. I think it helps to know it’s not off limits but there are boundaries around the issue for good reason!

  12. What a cute little lady she is becoming!

    xo Jennifer


  13. christina •

    this whole outfit is just darling, as is miss rowan! there is just something about sparkly shoes….they get me every. single. time. i used the pair rowan is wearing for our flower girl in our wedding last summer. they just add such a whimsical feel to any outfit. as little girls already are 🙂


  14. That dress is so cute! I definitely want it in my size, too.

  15. Jen, I love the sweetness of your blog and your eye for styling the lil ones. You should sincerely consider designing for jcrews crew cuts or styling photo shoots for kids. Your kids always look adorably stylish and super hip:)

  16. What a cutie! I would let her hair grow — will she tolerate barrettes for the flyaways?

  17. She’s like a little princess! Jen, I miss your stylefiles so so mutch!

  18. Haha! I’ve wandered onto your blog a few times by clicking links from other blogs, but I will be a regular reader now because of your reference to brad. And that outfit is so adorable.

  19. This outfit is adorable, even with the nose picking! It’s so cool to see that she’s figuring out her own ideas on what to wear, and that you are totally open to whatever she is feeling that day. As for the hair, I think it’s cute, and as long as it’s not in her way or anything, I say keep it growing!

  20. Just adoreable…my two-year-old little girl’s hair is crazy too! She won’t keep anything in it and it usually looks like a mangled mess. She has a bit of a mullet because I’m waiting for the hair in the front to grow in…oh well! Love following your family right now…fun to anticipate what things may look like in 5 weeks when I deliver baby #2!

  21. Adorable! Nose picking and all! :o)

  22. What a cutie! I don’t have kids of my own, but I babysat toddlers for a good while, and I would suggest doing loose pigtails in her hair so that she is not left with crazy bed hair.

  23. I absolutely love your blog…you and rowan always have the cutest outfits.

  24. I say get it cut in a super short pixie bob a la baby Louise Brooks! Did it with mine, who had similarly bed heady wild hair.

  25. If I were you, I would trim her hair just a litttle- it will actually help it grow faster and look fuller. I’d also give her some cute bangs- I think that would be adorable on her! Plus, she’d look like her Momma, and what little girl doesn’t want that.. And start experimenting with cute hair clips to help tame it. If she loves princesses, I’m sure she’d love some glittery hair clips on either side of her face!

  26. how tall is she? She looks like my girl – she just turned 2 last week, but she’s already been over 36 inches for a few months. Rowan is clearly destined to be tall though because you guys are both tall!

  27. Rowan you are so damn cute! My little Stella is the same age and I swear she’s a mini comedian. Such a funny age!

    She’s a total beauty Jen 🙂

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