Valentine’s Day Service Project


Remember before the craziness of the christmas season I wrote about starting monthly service projects with Rowan? We took some downtime there to settle in after Finley was born, but I have been anxiously waiting to start. Since January was National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, I decided to use the money generated by affiliate ads and donate to my favorite charity, Love146. If you have been a reader of Jenloveskev for a while you know this charity is dear to my heart. I have run 2 marathons raising money for them. I truly think they are doing amazing things.

Anyway, every February I help do all the decorations for a Valentine’s Day Charity Banquet for Love146. It’s always such a wonderful night. Live band, dancing, delicious dessert, good beer and a fabulous raffle. This year I took Rowan on a little field trip to the art store to pick out some new supplies we could use to create a piece of artwork together to donate to the raffle. We bought a new screen and some screen printing supplies. We created a mixed media collage with a bible verse that speaks about Love and Justice. We were able to create the piece together and then donate the rest of the money to Love146.

So here is my BIG THANK YOU to you guys for clicking any affiliate link/ad on my site and purchasing things. You have successfully helped donate and make a big difference in the work that Love146 is doing in the awareness, aftercare and prevention of child trafficking and exploitation.

If you are going to be shopping online at stores like J.Crew, Modcloth, Madewell, asos, etc.. I hope that you remember our service projects and click through the ads on my site first- so we can continue to donate and give to worthy charities each month.










Here are the decorations we set up for the banquet. I really liked how they came out!! It was like a grown up candy land…




my partners in crime that night (couldn’t have done it without them!)…

p.s. the sale section at Urban Outfitters is crazy awesome right now!! Plus, all sale at J.Crew is additional 40% off and 30% off over at Madewell.

  1. That is such a cool project to do with kids! I love seeing parents who get their children involved in doing good in the world – that’s not something I see a lot of lately!

  2. My husband and I have been trying to decide which ways to serve our community with our children. I love this cause and thank you for writing about it. What a beautiful even!

  3. I really like your art Jen! Have you ever thought about selling some of it online?

  4. Looks like an amazing party!
    I’ve done some stuff with Stop the Traffik, here in the UK, such an important topic.

  5. What a great idea! Love the photographs too. I think my boys would love to do that too.

    Bonnie Rose | The Compass Rose

  6. The art work is fantastic! Wish you sold them, I would totally buy one!

  7. awesome! I really love the adult candyland 🙂 I went through your site to order from jcrew just now. does it do something special for your charity? because it didn’t ask me anything so I”m not sure if it helped you. I”m sorry..that was the whole plan.

  8. Aw it really came together nicely!

    xo Jennifer

  9. What a fantastic idea, donating your affiliate ad money to a cause in need. I love this.
    It says a lot about you as a person and a business woman. GOOD ON YOU!

    Great job as well on the art, brilliant!


  10. I was so excited to see this post! I just helped organize a charity event in our neighborhood to benefit FAIR Girls (which helps survivors of human trafficking) and Covenant House (a local homeless shelter). Boy, was it exhausting to put together, but your post reminded me that it was for a good purpose!

  11. I may have missed this, but did you post the directions for your art? Maybe it is self-explanatory, but not for me 🙂

  12. what a wonderful way to give back! You inspire me.

  13. Could you please share more about the art project? It looks very very cool.

  14. I love that you are doing service projects with your daughter each month. It’s a beautiful thing to share with her. The party looks like it came out super cute.

  15. oh I LOVE that craft! I have to find a quote to do that with. I’ve been dying to get some baby art in our house.

  16. Heather •

    Please, PLEASE Share a link or directions for this craft!

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