My Everyday Style vol. 2



Things have been pretty casual around these parts lately. I haven’t really figured out this whole nursing + fashion thing yet. For the most part I had sworn off dresses. Anyway, as I was rearranging my closet the other day I pulled out this dress and thought “HEY!” I think I could actually nurse in this dress. I wore it today and it was great. It was super easy to pull down and nurse Finley out and about as we went to Mom’s group and out to lunch. Thank you stretchy cotton fabric.

Dress: H&M (Similar)
Jacket: c/o Lulu*s (Similar)
Riding Boots: Zappos
Necklace: Moorea Seal on Etsy

p.s. Have you checked out the sales over on Urban Outfitters lately? I just ordered a bunch of awesome stuff all on sale. Plus my favorite BDG high waisted skinny jeans are on sale for $39 bucks. You can’t beat that!

  1. I adore this outfit! you look so put together and yet easy-going! beautiful Jen!

  2. Yay style file! I hope this is the first of many. You look great! 🙂

  3. Hi Jen,

    First, congrats on the new baby – she is just adorable.

    I’d love to see a post on your progress about the service projects you started with Rowan. I’m interested in getting involved philanthropically with my young daughter and would love to hear your stories!

  4. You look great Jen! Way to go rockin’ the dress and nursing! Honestly, dresses confused me as soon as I had a child! At first it was the nursing question, then it was the sitting on the floor all the time without being a panty-flasher dilemma, and now I’m just out of the habit. Gotta break out a dress! xxx

  5. Lovely! Your dress and boots are fantastic.

  6. love your jacket 🙂

    & Pretty Things

  7. Jen, you always wear tights so well. I love how they look but most of mine are uncomfortable- they cinch too much in the waste (and lead to an unpleasant sausage-casing-like sillouhette). Can you recommend tights that are comfy in the waist? I am fairly petite but somehow always find them uncomfortable nonetheless.

  8. I love this outfit! You are doing amazing.
    I am crazy about boots but usually feel silly trying to pull them off here in Hawaii. (I wear ankle boots anyways. ;))
    Enjoy the cozy winter! And that sweet baby.

  9. One of the hardest parts about being a new mom for me was realizing I couldn’t wear most of my dresses because of the neckline. I love a good boat neck! A year later it’s like I have a new closet. During the early months though I definitely rocked lots of chambray button-downs and stretchy loose sweaters. I’m looking forward to seeing your ideas!

  10. My daughter was a January baby and nursing in winter clothes was tough. But spring and summer are right around the corner and wearing little dresses that button at the shoulders was one of my favorite things! 🙂

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