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Our lovely and talented friend Aimee came out from Boston last week to take some adorable newborn photos of Finley. While she was here, we asked if we could take some family photos as well. All the pictures came out beyond amazing. They make my heart swell up just looking at them. This is my family. I really can’t get over that we have 2 beautiful children. How did I get so lucky?

We took the photos up in our bedroom. We literally just finished painting it white the week before Finley was born. I had every intention of giving birth to Finley up there, so I wanted it to be finished. Her birth just happened too fast and we never even made it up there. Whoops. At least we have a peaceful, calm place to head to bed every night now. I worked really hard on the “Be Thou My Vision” hymn on the wall. I hand drew them out and then projected it up on the wall. I used paint makers to color it in and give the letters some dimension. I really love how it came out. They are the perfect words to carry with us as we start each new day.

















Sorry. I just couldn’t narrow them down.

If you live in Massachusetts or even around New England make sure you check out Aimee’s photography website and think of her when you need some photos taken!

and yes, the top line of the mural is not finished. Whoops.

  1. Oh, my goodness, Jen! The photos are absolutely gorgeous.

    And the quote on the wall is breathtaking!

  2. All pictures look beautiful specially the one with Rowan and Finley.

  3. These are just so, so lovely!

  4. too sweet for words!!

  5. Beautiful family photos!!!

  6. Adorable pics! I love that they captured both the quiet, still moments with Finley, and the rambunctious, curious nature of Rowan. Very cool!

  7. These are some of the best family photos I’ve seen. You have such a beautiful family. 🙂 And I love the “Be thou my vision” on the wall. Gorgeous.

  8. Those pictures are gorgeous! What a sweet family you have!

    And I LOVE the wall. You’re so talented!

  9. One of my most favorite hymns!! Such an awesome idea for above the bed/headboard. I love it! Also love the photos! So sweet!

  10. Oh, wow! These photos are beautiful Jen, what an adorable family you guys make. And your bedroom could not be more gorgeous. Love the mural & all white scheme!!

  11. So amazing, Jen! Congrats on your beautiful family!

  12. Yayyy! I’m so glad you like them. Your family is so adorable and perfect!

  13. ugh, so wonderful!
    beautiful room and family and sweetest babies!

  14. such sweet photos!

  15. Oh, I can see how you couldn’t narrow these down. They’re all absolutely wonderful. Congrats on baby Finley!

  16. These photos are so perfect! I’m glad you couldn’t narrow them down- I love them all!

  17. Precious photos, they capture your family so beautifully. Wow!

  18. obsessed with these photos! what a sweet and lovely family you have.

  19. This is seriously the most adorable set of family photos I have ever seen! Who would have thought to take family photos in bed? But really it’s the cutest thing I have seen! And looks so natural and fun! You have a beautiful family and two beautiful children! Savor these days! 🙂

  20. These photos are so lovely! I adore how you wrote the hymn lyrics on your wall. So simple & beautiful.

  21. What a BEAUTIFUL family and an AMAZING mural! Congratulations!

  22. Gorgeous! Some of my happiest family times are in bed. What a great idea for a shoot,

  23. These are so perfect 🙂

  24. These are probably the sweetest family photos I’ve ever seen!

    xo Jennifer

  25. i am love these pics in the bedroom. (sounds odd when i type that…!) great family pics and absolutely love the be thou my vision lyrics. very sweet!

  26. I love those photos. Congrats again on your new baby. Your family is adorable.

  27. Jen, your wall is AMAZING! That is one of my favorite hymns. Did you free hand that? WOW, beautiful.

    The family pictures are great too!

  28. these pictures are absolutely adorable!

  29. Pinkyspages •

    The pictures are absolutely delightful!
    Love the beautiful hymn on the wall & admire your creativity.

  30. Oh my… I love the light in these shots!! Your family is so sweet!! And your mural is SO beautiful! You did a really amazing job at it!! 🙂

  31. wow, these are so beautiful. what a gift to always have and cherish for your family. lovely!

  32. These are absolutely STUNNING – I wouldn’t have been able to narrow them down either! Each is better and more beautiful then the next. Wishing I wasn’t on the opposite end of the country so I could use Aimee’s skills myself sometime!

  33. These photos are absolutely beautiful, Jen! Congratulations, I can’t say it enough. You have such a beautiful family, and it is such a joy to get a glimpse into your life through this blog. It’s such an inspiration in my life, to be able to read your words! Hope all is well!

  34. Amandarin •

    The wall is perfect and these shots are absolutely beautiful! Every photo exudes joy. And the whole post makes me super excited to meet my baby this Spring and enjoy the new season of becoming a FAMILY. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  35. Quite possibly the cutest photos I’ve ever seen. Ever.

    And I’m glad you mentioned Aimee – I’m thinking about getting some anniversary photos done this summer, so I will definitely look into her!

  36. Oh, wow! Those photos are just incredible, and I adore the hymn on the wall; it’s just perfect!

  37. wow these are the cutest family pictures i have ever seen! the color and setting is just perfect and it looks so relaxed! also, i am in love with that canvas! that is such a beautiful song and such a brilliant idea!

  38. These photos are just lovely. I can’t believe how beautiful and happy everyone is! And the mural is amazing – I wish I had your talent, Jen!

  39. Precious pictures, Jen!

  40. These are just beautiful Jen. How wonderful for you and your family x

  41. L. Gosnay •

    Beautiful pictures! I have to ask, where did you get the large canvas behind your bed with the lyrics to “Be Thou My Vision”? I love it.

  42. I don’t even know where to start – I love this post!
    Congratulations on the new family member and the room turned out great too 🙂

  43. Oh, Jen you look beautiful!!! <3

  44. These photos are gorgeous, Jen! You have a beautiful family!

  45. Spectacular!!! LOVE them all.
    you are so talented, and indeed you have a gorgeous family.

  46. These are some incredible pictures!!! Love Love them and so excited to check out Aimee’s website since I am now living in Boston!

    Thanks for sharing a little bit of you and your new family.

  47. Courtney •

    Love the pictures! Congrats! Can I ask you where your glass end tables are from?

  48. I ADORE the hymn wall. One of my favorites, and the script looks beautiful! What a sweet, lovely little family. <3

  49. Amazing family photos! =]

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  50. What precious photos! Gorgeous family, gorgeous bedroom, and gorgeous lighting. I love that headboard(?) idea, so creative and such a wonderful daily reminder. Congrats again to your family–Finley and Rowan are adorable. 🙂

  51. Awesome!!!!! In love with how these turned out, now I am so antsy to do a family bed shoot with our 11 day old and 2yo!! Thanks for sharing all of them with us! Just beautiful and LOVE the hymn on the wall. One of my very faves and so gorge done this way!

  52. amazing family photos

  53. How cute are y’all?! And how lovely is your wall song?!

    Wonderful stuff. Congrats, congrats! 🙂

  54. Love this photos. They are so beautiful and in the moment. Can you do a possible tutorial on how you put the quote on the wall. Did you free hand trace it or use and overhead.

  55. Love photos!

  56. Your mural is AMAZING! That is one of my most favorite songs. Love it!

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  58. Hello from Pinterest!! Such stunning photos!!

    I skipped over to your etsy as well… I was wondering, if I sent you a poem, could you write it up like that so I could do something similar on a canvas? Of course, I would pay you to do it!! Anyways… obviously with a new baby, you might not be doing ANYTHING extra right now!! Which I *totally* get (I have 6), so just whenever you’re ready to take on some commission work 🙂

  59. I am considering doing something similar to your hymn on my wall. except I was going to do the whole wall… maybe i’m crazy… any pointers before I start??? and I’ve never heard of paint markers… what brand did you use and where did you get them?

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