Slowly going crazy…


Ever listen to Sharon, Lois and Bram? Was that a Canadian thing? I don’t even know. Anyway, we use to love it in our household growing up. Remember that song “I am slowing going crazy…” I feel like it is on repeat in my head these days. Life feels like it is on stand still around here as we wait for this baby (yep, I said it again. There should be a count… How many blog posts does it take till this baby comes out?). I also can’t seem to stop thinking and laughing about the Arrested Development clip where they talk about Buster “Maybe it was the eleven months he spent in the womb. The doctor said there were claw marks on the walls of her uterus”. Oh man I love that show.

Well, since this post is going to be random, here are some random pictures to go along with it. What else do you do when it’s -10 outside and you’re 4 days pasted your due date with a bored toddler? I’ll tell you. You take funny pictures of each other in the mirror while looking like a homeless, very pregnant gnome. Sounds about right to me.

The End.





  1. Oh my gorsh! That last one! So cute!

  2. melissa gray •

    hang in there ! can’t wait to see the baby

  3. The Elephant Show with Sharon, Lois, and Bram! I used to watch it all the time as a kid.

  4. Pretty girls!! Hang in there 🙂 Hope the new little gets here soon! Every time I see you pop up in my reader I hope it’s to announce baby arrival! Hope everything goes smoothly, you’ll be great!

  5. Skinamarink-eedinkeedink…. ha! I used to love that show. 🙂
    Hope these last pregnant days treat you well, and good luck with delivery #2!! All the best, God bless. xo

  6. Oh gosh, I love this! And super love the A.R. quote. Hoping baby comes soon!

  7. Whoops! A.D.*

  8. Too cute! You look great. Can’t wait to hear when baby girl is here… and for your sake hoping it’s soon! 🙂

  9. christina •

    I am just impressed that you are dressed in a cute outfit and parenting a toddler! I was in your situation three months ago and all I could manage was lolling about in bed while my partner looked after our high energy 2 1/5 year old!

    Best wishes!

    p.s We welcomed our second daughter on the 4th of October. It is all worth it xxx

  10. “What else do you do when it’s -10 outside and you’re 4 days pasted your due date with a bored toddler? I’ll tell you. You take funny pictures of each other in the mirror while looking like a homeless, very pregnant gnome. Sounds about right to me.”
    ^ that made me laugh so much. I’m sure that when Rowan and her sister are older, they’ll appreciate this story. Hang in there =D

  11. Oh I remember getting soooo frustrated waiting for my baby to make an appearance so I feel for ya. That last pic is rather cute though if that’s any consolation?

  12. Oh, I love your pictures! I think it’s definately the right thing to do in your situation! It seems like your baby just likes it warm and cozy while it’s so freezing cold outside 😉 I hope you’re feeling okay and can welcome the new family member very soon!

  13. omg she looks just like you! I don’t think you’re the only one going crazy. We ALL are going crazy! I want to meet baby girl so badly!!

  14. I was two weeks over due! I was going so crazy, we almost resorted to playing bingo with the senior citizens! I finally self induced with the help of my midwife and a nurse at my birthing center. Caster oil, breast pump and walking did the trick. Best of luck. It will be worth the wait!

  15. Yeah, I vaguely remember – The Elephant Show with Sharon, Lois, and Bram. I think it was a musical show. They used to play it on Nickelodeon when I was a kid, back before Nickelodeon produced its own content and mostly showed those awesome Canadian kids shows.

  16. I went a couple of weeks past my due date with my 3rd baby and those were the longest, most agonizing weeks of my life! Not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Afterwards, I came across this essay and I think it captures so beautifully the value of that difficult yet transformative in-between-time at the end of pregnancy:

  17. Ha! I do remember Sharon Lois & Bram, so it must not have been an exclusively Canadian thing — I think the Elephant show was on Nickelodeon? Anticipation is tough, especially when you’re waiting for something that you don’t know when it will happen. You’re almost there, hang in there!

  18. yes! “slowly going crazy am I”

  19. gosh, you two are just adorable! hope baby girl #2 comes soon for you all! xoxox

  20. Aww those photos are precious- especially the last one! Hope baby girl comes soon!

  21. These pictures are so cute, but one of the reasons why I stopped reading your blog regularly is because youre always complaining about something. Embrace this special time for goodness sake!:)

  22. Jeanette •

    You too look adorable!

    Ps. I love S, L and B growing up!!

  23. You couldn’t be any cuter…and btw–where is your tummy!? No wonder she hasn’t come yet, you need to be a little more big and bloated and swollen like the rest of us were in that last week! haha–Lucky you–you look amazing!!
    And those hats!! Oh my, I LOVE.

  24. Alainna •

    Those homeless, very pregnant gnomes have nothing on you! 🙂 You are gorgeous & so creative to take pictures in the mirror for play time. Sounds like lots of fun and a kind to Mom low impact activity 🙂

  25. Aww this is so cute! I love your bright matching bobble hats!

  26. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. switch. I think it is a Canadian thing. Loved it in my house growing up too. Hope your little one makes an appearance soon!

  27. I have now had this song stuck in my head all day

  28. You seem to be staying positive. 🙂 You can do it! I love those hats too. So colorful and bright. Did you make them? If not, where did you find them? My thoughts are with you…hoping baby comes soon!

    Ellies Wonder

  29. i am 30 and i grew up in the usa and i looooooved sharon, lois & bram!!! they had ‘the elephant show’ on nickelodeon, i think. skidamarinky dinky dink 🙂 i actually bought my son a few dvds off of ebay. he loves them too. congrats on your new addition. so cute!

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