EXCITED ABOUT: Snow! We just got our first storm of the year. There is about 6″ or so out there with more coming down. I love seeing Rowan’s reaction to the snow. She gets so excited. We took her out when there was just a dusting the other week and she loved it. I have big plans for us after lunch today. Snowball fight!

ANTICIPATING: Duh! This one is a no brainer. We are waiting for this baby to come. I feel like I was doing so good not getting all crazy about her coming. The months have just flown by, but all of the sudden I have hit a dead stop. Minutes seem like hours and days seem like weeks in these last days of pregnancy. It’s hard to not sit and wonder what it will be like with 2 kids? how will I handle labor again? how long will it be? The worries and fears start creeping in as I lay awake at night not being able to fall asleep.

WATCHING: I am not one for watching a lot of tv. I just don’t sit still well, but I have totally gotten hooked on Parenthood. I know I am like 3 years late to the game here. I just watched all 3 full seasons in like 2 months and then signed up for hulu plus just so I could watch the first few episodes from this current season. That show is so dang good. Characters I love: Crosby + Joel. Characters I don’t like: Grandmother and Haddie. Why is Haddie always so moody and rude?

EATING: I guess you would call it a craving per say but I have been wanting to eat pizza like everyday. Mmmmmm! Also, have you had that edamame hummus that they sell at target? Holy cow that stuff is yummy. I could eat a whole container in one day.

LISTENING TO: We have been listening to a lot of the new Avett Brothers cd in our house lately. Of course on top of our christmas favorites (Elvis, Mariah, Ella, Frank). I made quite a large birth playlist the other day. I think I might share some of the songs here if i get a chance. It is full of mostly calm or very meaningful songs to me. It’s pretty darn good. When Rowan was born we just listened to Cat Power over and over. I’ve mixed it up this time around.

THANKFUL FOR: My parents. My Mom has gone out of her way to make us comfortable and ready for this baby to come. My fridge is stocked, our bathrooms are cleaned and our entire house is almost done being painted. We never would have gotten a fraction of this stuff done without her help. My Dad, Kev and my Mom busted out painting our bedroom yesterday and it looks fantastic! I didn’t think we would get it done before the baby came. It’s now a beautiful, peaceful place to bring this baby girl into the world.

For those that are curious: Rowan’s Coat: Target, Boots: c/o UGG, Hat: Marshalls

  1. This was such a nice post to read today. I’m due with our second baby in five days (our first is 19 1/2 months, so my husband has been a rock star taking care of him lately). You just took the words out of my mouth. I think that no matter what you do, the last days drag. Anxiety creeps in. I, too, am going for a natural birth again and can’t help but suddenly remember some of the hard parts. It’s like I went almost nine months without worrying about much of anything, but now all those things I didn’t think about are coming in waves. It really helps to be reminded that all women go through this at the end of their pregnancies, but we make it through just fine. And, soon, we’ll forget, to some extent, that we felt this way and will be totally focused on our beautiful babies. Hang in there. It’s tough, but we can do it!

  2. oh my goodness gracious do I LOVE LOVE The Avett Brothers! Praying baby girl comes soon!

  3. I’m anticipating the same thing! I’m due on January 5th with my first, and I feel like a crazy woman. As far as I can tell, my baby’s not planning on making an appearance anytime soon, so I’m trying really hard to keep myself occupied with other things!

    And agreed on Parenthood and The Avett Brothers! πŸ™‚

  4. I can’t believe you don’t like Camille on Parenthood! I love her (and Zeke). I love most characters on that show though, but especially the relationship between Adam and Kristina. Also, Jabbar is the cutest. More people should watch this. I’ve read a few times (although not recently) about the risk of cancellation. I’d be so sad!

    Good luck with the labor of baby #2.

  5. I’v been reading your blog all year, and soooooooo Love it!!!! Praying for a Super quick and Perfect delivery!!!!!! I had a home birth, and Loved it!!!! You will be Great!!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

  6. I can’t stand Haddie! She is such a killjoy. I’m always wondering if they write her that way so that she’s the stereotypical moody teenager. Boo! Plus her hair could use some love from the salon some of the time, too. LOVE Parenthood. Good luck with the baby waiting! I’m so thrilled for you guys and really felt for you when you said you wished she had come before Christmas. She’ll be here, soon, mama! Enjoy!


    Lindsay Living

  7. These photos are so cute! Rowan is a little kid now!

    xo Jennifer

  8. It sounds like you and your family are ready for the baby! Can’t wait to see the new addition to your family!


  9. Can’t wait to see news of your newest addition! Being a mom of two is full of ups and downs, as with any part of parenting :).

    And I think I cry a minimum of three times during every episode of Parenthood…

  10. I am so excited for you and your new baby!!

    I did the same thing with Parenthood a couple months ago. I had never really watched it but kept hearing great things. So I finally gave in and watched in on Netflix and I got HOOKED! I watched them so fast, and did the same thing as you with Hulu Plus! Haha. Such a great show!!

  11. InΓƒΒͺs •

    Please share your playlist! I’ll have my first baby in February and am currently making the playlist.
    I bet Rowan’s sister will be just like her: a perfect little princess. I’m so happy for you all!

  12. Hmm, I don’t know what stressors Haddie might have in her life?! Oh yah, a brother who is HFA in many ways but is so very socially/emotionally affected that his deficits are all the more prominent. She’s conflicted as any sibling or family member of someone with Autism is at some point and the show executes this very well.

  13. Hope that little girl comes soon.

  14. This is a wonderful set of winter walk pictures. I just love coming back here to see what you’ll post (and how you are). Greetings!

  15. Parenthood is hands down one of the best shows on TV in recent years. Such a great family show! Haddie is moody because she’s a bratty teenager! Wait til Rowan is that age (although I hope she isn’t bratty for your sake ;)) My favorite characters on the show are Joel and Christina – mostly Christina. She’s the bees-knees!

  16. I loooove Parenthood too! I think I watched the first season in about two days when I was home sick last winter (thank you, Netflix). Christina is the best! I cried so hard during the latest episode! πŸ™‚

  17. after you watch the current season you will like haddie a little more i think. i was on the fence about her too…. πŸ™‚ love that show!

  18. Oh Parenthood! How I love thee! And I agree the Grandmom is the least interesting character I don’t know why they don’t develop her more and her attitude is weird. I totally agree with you on Haddie but Max is just as bad.

  19. I really want to just say YOU CAN DO IT!!! You can go through la our again and do amazing! You will feel amazing after!:) And you CAN and WILL handle 2 more than you even think you can! Don’t doubt yourself! You are amazing and strong!!!
    Adding #2 is definitely a hard transition at times… But mostly because you will
    Have very tired days! But you will make it through! Plan a special toy basket or bag for Rowan with special things she can play with or do for when you are nursing the baby!!! That is the trickiest part of having an active toddler and a newborn! Yes TV shows help too but after awhile that gets boring, or you will feel guilty! I love the idea if special toys/art for nursing times:):) oh and get used to grabbing Rowan a snack before you sit to nurse!!! Then you won’t have to walk around nursing:) well not as much;):)
    BEST WISHES as you labour again and transition to 2!!! You can do it! :):)

  20. i am sure you will cope just fine with your two girls! πŸ™‚

  21. There is nothing better than a fresh snow! So excited for you and the new baby- hopefully she makes her debut for you soon πŸ™‚

  22. Parenthood is my Favorite show, im glad you caught up, bc you have to know the history. I Love Joel but don’t like Sidney, brat. Anyway last night was a year jerker, but when is it not?! Hehehe

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