Christmas Day


I was really hoping we would have the baby before Christmas rolled around but I tried my best to put my discomfort aside and enjoy the day with family. I really wanted to focus on this special time left with Rowan. All in all, I could not have asked for a better day. Rowan was so excited (how could you not?) about all the presents. She of course got spoiled by both sets of Grandparents and well, just a little by us. We decided our big gift for her would be a dollhouse. I’m always so afraid to spend lots of money on a big gift for her because kids are so hit or miss on what toys they like, but she LOVED it. She has been playing with it nonstop.

We took our time opening presents. She would open one present, want to play with it for a bit then put it away and open the next. It was slow, relaxing I think it helped her not get overwhelmed with so many new things. Oh man, having kids around at Christmas really make it like a million times more fun. The older she gets the more fun it is too. I can’t wait for next year to have 2 little ones.


I was really excited about the presents we got Rowan this year. I tried to find a really good balance between toys that would help her learn, keep her entertained and be a lot of fun. My favorite things we got her were a Kid Kraft dollhouse, an awesome penguin domino set, dress up clothes, stamps, and a color sorting game.

and lastly here are a few sneaks of some of my favorite baby things we’ve gotten lately. Come on baby girl we are waiting for you! The awesome headbands are from Little Hip Squeaks, the onesies are from elSage Designs and goodness I love our simple little crib.


  1. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas!

    xo Jennifer

  2. Looks like you all had a beautiful christmas! Rowan lucked out! She got to have Christmas all to herself this year! How exciting to know that you will have gifts for two little ones under the tree next year! Hoping you have that baby soon! Pregnancy discomfort is the worst. I remember carrying really low with my son and how uncomfortable long drives were. Hang in there and belated merry christmas to you and your family!


  3. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family. Lovely pictures too.

  4. Lovely pics Jen! You had a beautiful Christmas time! Hope the baby is coming soon. Kisses…


  5. What a beautiful Christmas, her toys looked very unique. I really love the Christmas balls in one of your photos with the paint in the bottom, did you make those?

  6. Such an adorable and quality set of gifts! And that doll house is to die for. I kind of want one for myself, haha. It’s so special that you got to spend the day with Rowan before her little sister comes along 🙂 Beautiful photos.


  7. Love your crib. Where did you get it?

  8. Glad you had a great Christmas. Sorry about your stubborn little one. When is/was your due date? I apologize if you have posted it already. I hope she comes very soon and it’s the birth you want and all goes smoothly. Hang in there!

  9. We have the same dollhouse! I swear we have too much in common! How funny! Enjoy!

  10. These photos are so adorable! Seems like you had a great christmas with some really thoughtful gifts for the little one!

  11. Our son got the same hammer toy and he also loves it! Is the crib IKEA? Best wishes for a safe delivery!

  12. Looks like a lovely Christmas! I like that the toys that Rowan received were all very well thought out. I’m very much the same about the toys that my children have as well.

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  14. Those cupcake toys are cute! Could you let me know who makes them? Thanks!

  15. Glad you had such a great holiday! Love the crib linens! where are the sheets and blanket from? I have my first girl due at the end of march and my son is within months of rowans age 🙂

  16. Your family makes me happy! Happy New year to you guys!

  17. love the dollhouse! where did you find the duck lace/sew toy?

  18. looks like a fab christmas… can’t wait until we have a little one to celebrate with. where is that black and white infinity scarf from? love it!

  19. cute! we LOVE Melissa & Doug! i bought a bunch of M&D toys for my niece. 🙂

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