DIY Baby Legwarmers


There is nothing I love more than a brand new baby in a plain white onesie. It just seems so sweet and pure. To keep that new baby warm though, I love the idea of adding baby legwarmers. Then their little legs are warm, but there is still easy access to all the diapers you have to change when they are a newborn. It’s hard for me to justify paying $10 or more for legwarmers for a newborn though. They really are just big socks. Plus, I don’t love overly cutesy things for babies. That is just not my style. Why must most newborn clothing/accessories be so ugly?. Making them let me pick out patterns that fit my style better.

This is far from a unique idea. You can find tutorials all over pinterest, but I decided to try it out myself. I headed to Target and picked up some adult socks with cool patterns to give it a go. The socks were $2-$3 each which is way cheaper than buyings already made legwarmers.

1. Pick your socks. Since I’m making these specific for a newborn I picked regular length socks. For older kids I would say you need to get at least knee high socks.

2. Cut your socks. Cut straight across above and below the ankle and at the toe. Discard the toe and ankle pieces.

3. The part that would go around your foot is going to be made into the cuff. Fold in half, right sides out.

4. Pin and sew the edges together. I used a zigzag stitch to make it a little stronger. It is annoying because the sock will roll but try your best to sew close to the edge.

5. Turn the tube of the sock inside out. Stick the cuff (still right sides out) inside the tube part of the sock. This will make it so right sides are together.

6. Again do your best with the rolling edges but pin and sew all parts together at the edge.

7. To make the legwarmer a little tinier for a brand new baby leg, I sewed a seam up the back to take it in a little.

8. You can see the difference between leaving the sock the way it was and taking it in a little. It is up to you how wide you want the legwarmer to be.

I think I might be addicted. I have been making them all morning. They are so, so easy. Takes about 10 mins per pair.


  1. Jen, I LOVE these! They are SO cute! What a great idea. Passing this tutorial on to all of my friends with little ones!

  2. Oh my gosh these are awesome! I love that you can pick out your own instead of getting stuck with the overly cutesy ones that are sold

  3. Thanks for the weekend project inspiration. I have some little friends who would look so cute in these!

  4. cute idea jen!!

  5. Jen you are a wonderful mom and think of the best things. This new little girl is going to be so loved! Hand made from the heart will keep her warmer and wrapped in your love for her! Good luck in the next few weeks, we are waiting for any baby news to pass around the family. Love a prayers xo

  6. Love it!! I rarely sew but pulled out my machine to make 3 legwarmers for my 14 month old. They are so cute! Great tutorial – really easy to do. Such a great a idea – so much faster than my idea of knitted legwarmers 😉

  7. This is Such fun idea!! LOVE IT!!!

  8. Casey Lujan •

    How wide do you sew them to make them for a newborn and did that work better?

  9. Wonder if I should get womens or kid’s socks for a 3 month old who is just getting into size 6M clothes?

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