At This Moment…

Dear Rowan:
Let’s talk about how awesome you are at this point in your life (although, you are always awesome of course!)
Here are a few things I want to remember about this age forever…

1. You now refer to us as Mom and Dad. You say things like “yeah, sure Mom, sure” when you answer a question I ask you. You always call your Daddy like this to come play “Hey Dad, come with me”.

2. You are obsessed with singing. Every time we get in the car you are very specific about what songs we have to put on. You hate it when we sing with you if you are not in a good mood. We love hearing you mumble every word of every song on the cds. You know a good portion of them but the ones you don’t you still try to sing. It’s like a very funny skit on snl that we like. Your favorite songs are Twinkle twinkle little star, This little light of mine, The wheels on the bus, and Itsy bitsy spider. You also like your music loud or “big” as you call it.

3. The new thing you say at bedtime to make us stay longer is “cuddle me”. How are we suppose to leave the room when you say heart melting things like that? Ha! You love cuddling in bed.

4. A few weeks ago you Daddy told you that you had to stay in bed until the sun came up. Now every morning when you wake up, you like to yell from your bed “Look Dad! The sun is up. I did it”. If only daylight savings didn’t just happen and the sun isn’t up at the crack of dawn now. It’s still cute though.

5. When we are sitting together you do this thing where out of no where, you lean over real slow and give these slow motion kisses. Then say “aww I lub (love) you too”. You do it over and over again. It makes me laugh so hard because it’s always so random and so slow. It cracks me up.

6. You have decided that when food looks different than normal it is all the sudden yucky. If your fruit has a spot on it, “it’s yucky”. If your baby carrots have a split in the bottom they are “yucky”. You are very particular about they way food looks.

7. You love freeze pops!

8. You love to be covered with blankets and say things like “it’s cozy”.

9. Every night when we pray you ask to pray for Anna, Baby Wes, Paul and Anna’s Mommy. It never fails.

10. You love your “slippy shoes” which are your Hello Kitty slippers.

11. Everyday you want to paint and use all the “barkys” (martha stewart sparkles I have) downstairs in the basement. You and your Daddy make me very special pictures all the time.

12. You are so good at riding bikes. You pedal all around the house and the basement on your bike. It’s super cute.

13. You are also great at being polite. You say lots of please and thank you with out being asked.

14. You are always very concerned with what the weather is like out. You like to tell us each morning what the weather report is. You especially like to tell us when it’s not raining out. Whenever I say it’s cold out you always say “No, Mom. The sun is out”. I wish it worked that way! I’m not looking forward to winter.

15. You love your little sister already. You know her name and like to rub my belly and talk about her. You are the sweetest.

(and yes, you can throw a tantrum like no other but we’ll pretend that it doesn’t happen…)

Love you my sweet girl!


  1. So sweet! I love that you write down these memories. She’ll cherish them when she’s older!

  2. Aw she seems like such a sweet girl!!

    xo Jennifer

  3. Adorable!!

  4. I love these two last posts. They are amazing and wonderful. You must be ridiculously good parents, and Jen, you must be a truly amazing mother. I can’t wait to try and be a great mom some day, too.

  5. Oh my goodness this is the sweetest list! Thanks for sharing it

  6. Love this list! I wish I had taken time to write down these kinds of things as well.

  7. Rowan sounds like such an awesome little person. :o)

  8. Adorable! She’s so cute, and she speaks so much better than Levi! 🙂 haha, the difference in (most) girls and boys!! sweet voice too!

  9. So cute! We also get the “Mommy the sun is awake” notice over here. It may be earlier than I’d like but it’s always too adorable to be grumpy.

  10. Aww so sweet, she’s growing up 🙂

  11. Sooooo sweet…it makes my heart melt and she is not even my child! I just started doing something similar on my blog and can’t wait until my son is talking and all these super-adorable-heart-melty things are coming out of his little mouth.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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