Pumpkin Painting…


Carving pumpkins really isn’t the greatest idea with a 2 year old. Contrary to popular belief, big knives and toddlers don’t go hand in hand. Instead we painted pumpkins and got some fun halloween stickers to decorate with. Rowan and her best little friend Ceanna had a great time in oversized tshirts and a plate full of paint. After Rowan’s pumpkin dried, I cut a section out of the back and scooped the insides out. Then I drilled 1/4 inch holes all over the pumpkin and put a candle in it. Rowan loves it! It didn’t ruin her painting and it now has glowing polka dots at night.


p.s. Yes, Rowan is wearing a jenloveskev tshirt. Kev designed some a way long time ago for me.

  1. Awe. The girls look so adorable! We also painted our pumpkins this week. Too stinking cute!!


  2. I painted my pumpkin this year too haha

    xo Jennifer


  3. I’d love to see it lit up!

  4. So cute. I think we, too, will go the painting route next time around. Our carving efforts were pretty disastrous this year,

  5. Tieka, Selective Potential •

    Haha, aww! I totally have a Jen Loves Kev t-shirt I won a looooong time ago!

  6. Love the t-shirts!

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