With Open Arms…


Wow. I guess I went on a little blog vacation there for a week. Haven’t felt much like sitting and blogging lately. It’s not that I’ve lost motivation or that I don’t have stuff I want to share. It’s just that it’s finally all settling in that this little baby is coming very, very soon. There is just so much to do still! It is sort of getting overwhelming. I honestly feel like I have blinked and here we are almost at 31 weeks already. One of the parts that I find most overwhelming is that these are my last weeks alone with Rowan. I just keep thinking over and over how she and she alone is who made me a Mother. That is something very special. Not that I will love her any more or any less than this new baby but I have truly cherished this time together just the 2 of us. She will always be the one who changed my entire being. In that one instant when she was born, I become something more than just myself.

Though life may seem overwhelming at times lately, I am happy (tired, but happy)! We are in a house we LOVE, we are all healthy, the baby is doing great and in my opinion, it’s the best time of year.! I am working hard at finding the balance of trying to get stuff ready for the new baby and spending some extra, special time with Rowan. We have been spending lots of time out and about during the day and doing fall activities with friends. I’ve also been trying to take naps with her instead of running off to get things done around the house. There is nothing more peaceful than cuddling your kid and watching them sleep. Rowan loves to be cuddled when she is in bed and I am happy to give her that extra attention before the baby arrives. I’m ready though for this new chapter to begin. I’m excited to move forward as a family of 4. It’s time for our hearts to grow with a new kind of love; love for our new baby girl, love for seeing Rowan as a big sister and an overwhelming love for our growing family. So here we are, counting down the weeks with open arms…

p.s. the dress from the photo is the absolute best dress! Perfect long length and perfect for a pregnant or non pregnant belly. I wear it about 2-3 times a week. Shhh don’t tell any one. I am running out of things that fit.

  1. Jen, you look great! I’m almost 31 weeks and I also can’t believe how fast the second pregnancy has gone. Good luck on the transition.

  2. Well, of course you don’t feel like blogging with a little one on the way. Here’s to that tiny bundle of joy filling your open arms soon enough. 😉

    P.S. Where do you find a wall to match your outfit??

  3. Oh, have fun cuddling! Enjoy the peace. You amaze me with your courage b/c even reading how ready you are makes me quake!! You guys make an amazing family of 3 so 4 will only be better 🙂

  4. I’ve missed your blog, but I’m so glad you’ve been able to enjoy some special time with Rowan! I’m sure taking that time is harder said than done – two thumbs up to you!

  5. beautiful post Jen!
    You always have such lovely things to say 🙂

    xo Jennifer


  6. wooow, what a perfect photo. beautiful woman! 🙂

  7. first, i love the dress and photo! second, i can totally relate to what you said about Rowan making you a mom and changing you forever. i am so excited to hear your thoughts and feelings as you become a mother of two, as i hope to do in the next couple years. thanks for going ahead of me on this journey and being so open and real with all of your readers.

  8. Enjoy your time with Rowan! My one-on-one time with my oldest got cut short by strict bed rest, and I wish I had that last month with her before the baby came.

    You look great!

  9. I can’t see you! Enjoy these last moments. But the coming ones are so exciting!

  10. This sweet post made me teary. I often think about time with my little one if we were to ever have another baby. Although it’s not in the cards, by choice, I wonder what life would be like with a new baby on the way and spending those “alone” moments with him before the baby arrived. Enjoy the time and cherish every moment! Thanks for always being so honest with us readers!

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