Maternity Style | Week 28


Happy Thanksgiving (well, to Canada)!! and Hello! to the 3rd trimester. I have absolutely nothing ready for this baby, but I am so ready to be done being pregnant. I am not someone who loves pregnancy, I truthfully really dislike most of it. That is another post for another time though. Today lets talk about maternity tights and how amazing they are! So comfortable. Let’s also talk about being pumped to find more non maternity clothing items that work!!

This dress from ModCloth is so dang cute. Dresses work great when they have an elastic and higher than normal waistline. An empire waist works the best and sometimes even something a little lower will work as well. This dress is perfect because it has both those things and it has the longer length so your bump isn’t making it too short in the front.


Dress: c/o Modcloth
White Shirt: American Apparel
Tights: A Pea in the Pod
Boots: American Eagle (Similar)
Cardigan: Target (old)

  1. You’re looking lovely Jen, although i have to say my favourite part of these pictures is little rowan pottering around in the background…

  2. you look so beautiful jen! and i love how Rowan is just hanging out in the back. lol she is adorable!

  3. Aracely Campbell •


  4. I love Rowan roaming in the background haha
    That dress is super cute!

    xo Jennifer

  5. One of my favorite pregnancy items that I owned were maternity spanx. Sounds awful but actually having that panel in the belly for my growing baby helped support my belly through a long work day. So I’m thinking that maternity tights probably give your belly support too.

  6. love the color combo!

  7. it’s so neat to me how (as moms) we can all like and dislike different parts of parenting. on your blog, we can even do it without being horribly judged. it’s just one thing i love about reading your blog and comments. everybody is supportive! i love pregnancy, but i really sorta dread the first 5ish months of babyhood.

    regardless, you are a dream!

  8. elizabeth •

    i lost touch reading your blog for… months. i just now saw this maternity post and actually yelled out-loud “WHAT?” Congratulations!

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