DIY Polka Dot Painting


The lovely folks over at Cutting Edge Stencils graciously let us pick out a stencil to use in our new home. I decided on this polka dot one (even though I really, really wanted this cat stencil). I knew I wanted to make this painting for Rowan’s room and to use it in our downstairs bathroom. We just finished painting the bathroom white, so I haven’t been able to use the stencil yet but that is the next thing on the to do list.

Here are some pictures to create your own polka dot painting using this easy to use stencil. When it comes in the mail they include a nice roller and level to make sure its level on the wall. I didn’t need to use that stuff on the painting but will definitely be using it on the bathroom wall. I will also be using a little bit of spray adhesive for the bathroom to make the lines a little more crisp.


  1. This is adorable! I really want to make some prints to brighten up my new place, this idea is perfect – thank you for the inspiration x

  2. Adorable. Simple. Fun.

  3. what a simple and darling idea!

  4. Cute idea! I’m in love with polkadots!


  5. LOVE THIS!!! Did you use the small or large scale?

  6. love this. can you tell me what you mean about using the spray adhesive? would you put it on the back of the stencil so it would cling to the surface better?

  7. Oh, more then a painting I like your table! 😉

  8. @Meika We used the small scale one

    @Suz Exactly! The directions in the stencil are great for letting you know what to do!

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