Ice Skating…


On Rowan’s actual birthday we took her to the ice skating rink. It was Kev’s dream to bring her on her 2nd birthday and get her a pair of double bladed skates. Being a half Canadian little baby, it sounded like the perfect way to celebrate. We couldn’t get a pair of doubled bladed skates in time, so we rented a pair of single blades from the rink. It was a little tougher letting her “skate” since she couldn’t really stand up but we still had a great time.


  1. Don’t they have those handle bar things little kids can use? I always used those as a kid haha

  2. What a sweet moment! She so adorable!


  3. Such a wonderful birthday for her! There’s nothing better then the smell and feel of an ice rink! Glad you are getting her started early!


  4. so how well did she do? I want to take Cosette (I actually want her to play hockey so the sooner I can get her on skates the better) but was waiting til she was 3. She turned 2 in August…is it worth going?

  5. these are such sweet photos! love it. xo

  6. My husband is teaching our girls to roller skate. They are almost 3 and almost 6 years old. I appreciate his patience and willingness to share his love of skating with them. It’s probably really good to start them early when they are small and don’t have far to fall 🙂

  7. Rowan looks like she is having a blast. She is so cute.

  8. Such adorable pictures!

  9. Such adorable pictures!

  10. So cute! And I love that you wear hockey skates instead of figure skates, Jen!

  11. This is so sweet! It looks like she had a great time!

  12. haha that’s so sweet that Kev really wanted to do this with her. it looks like she loved it! and I love her giant helmet 🙂 good call, momma.

  13. Look at her little leopard sweater! Adorable!
    She looks like she’s already better at ice skating that I am haha

    xo Jennifer

  14. What a lovely post! You all look so happy…

  15. cute Rowan! she seems really tall for a 2year old!!!

  16. Gosh, Rowan is getting so big! What a fun way to celebrate birthday #2 🙂

  17. Haha… I love your hockey skates! And Rowan’s face on the second last picture is classic.
    Also… Go Canada!

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