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Kev and I got to take some cute pictures together for a special little project a while back. Unfortunately, we need to take some new ones but I didn’t want to waste these ones because I liked them so much. I figured I could still share them here. I don’t even remember if I knew I was pregnant in these photos. Have I told you any of the stories of how Kev and I got together before on the blog? I can’t remember if I have or not. Oh well, I thought today I could share one of those little stories from our past…


Kev and I met in Art History class in college. It was second semester of Sophomore year. I had just transferred in from another school. He was majoring in graphic design and I was majoring in art education and art history. I noticed him right away because well, he dressed like he would like the same music as me (stupid right? But that was what was important to me at the time). One day he sat next to me and we started talking. We both were in relationships at the time. I remember like 2 classes after we first met, he asked if I wanted a ride to go see a show that we both were going to. The shy girl that I was said “no” and was a little weirded out. Ha!

Over the next 2 years we become very close friends. We had all the same classes together and spent many, many hours together (with mutual friends too) in the studio at school. One day after bookmaking class, Kev asked me if we could go to my room for a bit. He needed to tell me something he said. We got up to the room and all the sudden I remember it feeling really awkward. He told me he was in love with me and he didn’t know what to do because he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend. I was in shock! Well, I kind of half knew it was coming. I think deep down I knew I loved him too. I was just too scared to make the big change from the loser boyfriend I had been dating for 5 years. I told him I didn’t know what he wanted me to do. I had a boyfriend. He said ok, but that he couldn’t hang out with me anymore because it was “too hard”. What a trickster. He knew what he was doing.

Time passed and he really did stop hanging out with me. He did however continue to hang out with all our friends and just not invite me along. He wore me down though. Finally, one day I realized I was completely over my boyfriend and had been for a very long time. I broke up with him and then that night Kev and I went on our first date. To see a band play of course. We never broke up and we never took a break. We were inseparable from that day on. We dated for 2 years before we decided to get engaged, married and move to Hawaii all in 3 weeks time. I guess you say the rest is history.

There are lots of funny stories about when we first started dating but I’ll save those for another day.


  1. Love the pictures. And that is a lovely story. Its nice to have been friends before actually dating it makes the relationship even more special.

  2. LOVE!

  3. What a sweet story! You’re lobsters 🙂

  4. Amanda B. •

    What a sweet story! I understand what you mean about music. I was introduced to my husband by a mutual friend. I was given his aim screen name (oh yeah!) and I was trying to decide if I was going to talk to him or not. His aim icon came up with lyrics to a song I liked so I thought maybe we do have things in common.

  5. Stephanie •

    Just stop. . .you guys are too cute! Your story is something for a movie. The pics are adorable too. 🙂

  6. Such a lovely post Jen, thanks for sharing.

  7. miss you guys!

  8. Such a sweet story and adorable photos! It’s funny because my husband and I met in a VERY similar fashion except the roles were reversed; he had a gf, I didn’t and I confessed my love for him (8 years later I have no idea how I ever got the courage) & we didn’t talk for a while and now… well our baby is due in three months! 🙂 Love is a beautiful thing! xo

  9. Cute photos! What a sweet story!


  10. i first talked to my husband in high school because he was wearing converse and those were totally “punk” in my 16 year old mind and i didn’t know many people who were into that music. silly at the time, but it worked out! i would love to hear more stories about you guys when you first started dating.

  11. I am all for cute photos and equally cute love stories. You two truly are the cutest. And I love that you noticed him based on the fact that he dressed like he might like the same music as you. It’s not weird, because I do the same thing when noticing guys. That trick hasn’t worked for me just yet, but I have hope now that I’ve read your story!

  12. so adorable, i love stories like this 🙂 you guys are too cute.

  13. Oh gosh, you guys are so cute! I wish I have this luck someday! hahaha. Great story, can’t wait to read more about you guys! xo

  14. absolutely love this story! reminds me of how I met my husband. You guys are beautiful example of what true love is for your daughters. absolutely love!!

  15. That is a movie love story. Perfect and romantic. <3

  16. Aw it’s like a romantic comedy! So cute!

    xo Jennifer

  17. Such a sweet story. I felt a kinship with you, now knowing that you were studying Art Education. I’ve taken a few Art History classes, but I haven’t met my true love yet. There still hope! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this story, so sweet.

  18. Dear Jen,
    Even though I almost never comment your posts, I’ve been reading your blog for a few years.Let me say that I really like what you write, I think you have a beautiful family, and many of your posts have been quite inspiring. I’ve been married for almost two years (after dating for three years) and I am now pregnant for the first time (31 weeks!). I truly hope I can build as great a family as yours.
    Hugs from Córdoba, Argentina!

  19. That’s probably the best story ever. Music makes the world go round. And getting engaged, married, and moving to Hawaii within a three week time span makes you guys even more awesome. Love.

    <3 Josephine

  20. I love this duh. <3

  21. Cute love story! I just love hearing about how people met and got together!

  22. That is honestly one of the cutest love stories I have heard! And the photos are equally as adorable! Glad you decided to share them even if you have to take new ones! Can’t wait to hear some of your funny stories 🙂

  23. Aww, I love this post! You two were made for each other! I hope you do share more stories from when you and Kev were dating.

  24. Lovely photos! And what a cute story 🙂

  25. so sweet!!! and such fun pics to remember for years to come. i love hearing how couples get together and then fall in love. it’s so interesting how the ordinary can be elevated to extraordinary and how what seems inconsequential can really be ‘that thing’ that starts it all 🙂

  26. You adorable things! This story made me smile plenty.

  27. That is such a sweet story! I’m glad you shared it 🙂

  28. Love love this little story!! Isn’t it the best remembering back to when it all began? Hilarious you said he dressed like you’d like the same music… story of my highschool career!! And of course ended up falling in love with a band boy 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  29. You guys are SO cute!

  30. This is sooooo so cute! Teenage loves and relationships beginnings are just so fun think about! You guys are adorable on these pictures and look like you’re having a lot of fun!

  31. justine b. •

    ah I loved hearing that story! I’ve been reading your blog for 2 1/2 years and you’ve given bits and pieces of that story before but I loved hearing the whole thing. I’m getting married in 97 days & I amazed by your 3 week engagement. Sounds thrilling! I met my husband to be at camp widjiitiwin, which is actually the connection i have to your blog. I was a camper when your sister and brother in-law worked their. Plus I’m a friend of your cousins Jill & Laura. All this to give you a little snippit of whose reading your blog! keep doing what your doing I love it.

  32. I needed that sweet love story today! 🙂

  33. i have a very similiar story, though we are not yet engaged but have been together for 5 years. he didnt have a girlfriend but i had a boyfriend which i was just going through the motions with. it is very hard to let go of something that you have become so use to for something brand new. we had been friends since kindegarten and had been best friends for many years. it is such a difference dating a real friend.

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