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We’ve painted almost the whole inside of the new house, but nothing is really quite done except Rowan’s room. We decided the first room we would finish would be Rowan’s. Poor girl has been all out of whack since the week we started packing. We knew she needed to get into a room that felt like her own quick. I have a post coming about the transition with her and sleep training, but getting the room done and her onto a regular bedtime schedule was much needed.

I am kind of over the moon about this new little room. I didn’t cry over leaving our apartment until I had to go into Rowan’s room and pack it up. I laid in her bed and just looked around her old nursery for a while, thinking of all the memories we had built in there. I am so excited to have created this new space for her. One where we can start fresh and make new memories. I used a lot of stuff from her old room, I did however buy some new pieces from flea markets and the Habitat Restore (oh man I love that place). I also made a few little things for the room.

I knew I wanted white walls, a place for her to draw (we like drawing a lot in our house), a nook for reading, and lots of pops of bright color. I am not a fan of muted, pale or neutral baby/kid rooms. They are beautiful don’t get me wrong, just not for me. I always want our kids rooms to be full of life and well lived. Nothing too matchy, matchy and or perfect.




I’ll try my best to list out where everything is from..
Bed Frame: Habitat Restore
Down Comfortable: Target
Striped Sheets: Target
Pink Blanket: Thrifted (similar)
Crocheted Foofa: Handmade by a friend
Little Bunny: Gift from Germany from my Dad
Mommy & Baby Cheetah: Brevard Zoo, FL (Her Favorite! Similar one)
Painted Box used as Nightstand: Habitat Restore
Horse Lamp: My Grandama painted it for me when I was little
Piggy Bank: Gift (Similar)
Vintage Toys: Flea Markets
Wire Baskets: Homegoods
Rowans Stuffed Name: Handmade by me
Rocking Chair: Mine from childhood
Crocheted Animals: Blabla Dolls
Book Shelves: Ikea
Turtle Star Nightlight: Amazon (best thing ever)
White Table: Flea Market

I Freaking Love You: Hillary Bird
Cool Cat: Orange Studio
Polka Dots: Handmade by me (tutorial to come)
You Are my Sunshine: The Wheatfield
Cats in Sweaters: Paper Sparrow
Cat Lady: Amanda Atkins
I lovely Love my Family: Tuesday Morning
Live in the Sunshine: The Wheatfield
Pom Pom Garland: Made by me (I’ve been asked a few times from my last post to do a tutorial so that is coming too)

White: Du Jour by Valspar
Turquoise on Closet Doors: Behr (I don’t remember the name)

  1. i am obsessed! her room looks amazing, great job!


  2. perfect room jen! great job

  3. Just so lovely! Love the bright colors and airy spaces!

  4. it looks perfect! congrats on having one room down – that’s the hardest part! love all of the handmade pieces!

  5. it’s so perfect. this is kind of what I want my grown up room to look like, so she’s a lucky girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. oh wow! this is so cute! I wish my bedroom looked like this when I was little…or even now. I’d be okay with that. ๐Ÿ™‚ I really love what you’ve done with the branch and the pom poms and everything on the wall over her bed.

  7. Oh goodness, this is the perfect toddler’s room!

    xo Jennifer


  8. Wow! Wow! Wow! I absolutely love Rowan’s room – it is gorgeous!

  9. i think that little girl of yours is quite a lucky girl! such a lovely room!


  10. oh wow! i love this room especially all the little vintage toys. i totally agree – kids love colour why would we want to limit it to just 20 shades of pink (shudder) or pastels. i hope she forms many happy memories in this room

  11. so great, Jen! love it.

  12. What a beautiful space! I can tell a lot of love went into it. What a lucky girl!

  13. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile but rarely comment….but OMG….you are so darn creative…..(i dont have that gene)…love the room….Rowan is so lucky…Cant wait to see the nursery for your new lil one….Bless your family.

  14. I love the name letter pillows. I want to make one for my daughter.

  15. so sweet! love the branch with her name on it. i bet miss rowan is also a real big fan!

  16. Love her room! Just a quick recommendation, you might want to do a quick lead test on any of the older painted furniture you picked up. You can grab them at a hardware store and they are really great.

  17. I love when you post on your home decor!! I am so inspired!! Love this room and love the name letters!!

  18. The room is gorgeous. The small details and pops of color make it even more lovely and personal. I completely agree with you, a child’s room shouldn’t be about the perfect furniture or colors, it should be playful and a place they love.

  19. absolutely beautiful! I love the blue closet doors!

  20. This look so awesome! You have such a knack for decorating. I love seeing posts about your home!

  21. Oh man! I want this room for myself! And I’m 22 haha It looks great!

  22. What a darling and whimsical bedroom for your little lovely!

  23. amazing room! i want to move right in! i’m sure she loves it!


  24. Lovely! The white with pops of colour look is exactly what I want for my daughter’s big girl room too! We just need to buy our first home and get out of this rental so we can paint!

  25. It looks awesome! Similar feel to her old room but so much more grown up! Making me wanna do the boys room so bad right now. Thanks for siting me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ xo

  26. Wow! Thats fabulous Jen! Great job! x

  27. genius for painting the doors!!! totally gonna do that now!! beautiful room!

  28. What a lovely love room (such a cute framed print)!

  29. love the white walls with pops of color!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  30. Lovely! You did such a nice job of it being coordinated without it being too matchy or ‘done’ I can’t stand that in kids’ rooms either.
    I love checking out the books you have for her. My girl is only four months old, so we’ve been reading my old faves, but I want to check out some newer books too.

  31. Beautiful room! I love the vintage toys! That branch with the pom pom garland and Rowan’s name on it is awesome!


  32. I want this to be my room NOW! It’s amazing. I’m stealing a lot of ideas for my own house. Hello giant blackboard wall….

  33. Beautiful! Your hard work paid off and Rowan is one lucky little girl!

  34. Can this be my big girl room too? I love this! Never would have thought of painting the closet doors and they look fabulous. LOVE the branch on the wall and the bookshelf!

  35. Christine •

    this is one of the nicest room tours I’ve ever seen ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a three and a half year old boy a nine month old girl. with my boy, I seriously would never be able to have framed artwork/a fishtank/vases/a ceramic piggy bank down on his level because he is wayyy to curious/mischievous. I’m wondering…is this just a boy thing? readers? will i be able to have an adorable room like this for my girl one day?

  36. Claudia D. •

    I love it! Can I ask how you managed for the branch to be held up? I tried to zoom in on the picture to try to figure out what you used to hang the branch? Thanks!

  37. You did such an amazing job! I love what you did above her bed with the branch, so creative. And the wall with the shelves of books, my favorite!

  38. Jen, Thanks a million for your continued support. The room looks adorable and inviting! – Andrea

  39. This looks so cute, I love how nothing is perfectly matched but still goes together perfectly somehow. Can I ask where you got your frames from? I’m looking for some simple ones for my daughter’s paper sparrow prints and for some reason am having the hardest time!

    So cute and cozy.

  41. I can’t get over how perfectly imperfect everything is that you touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING! What a lucky little girl to have such an “artsy eyed” momma.

  42. Did you see that Disney baby on Facebook just featured a picture of Rowan’s room as an inspiration!? You’re famous, ha! Her room is so so cute!

  43. What an AMAZING ROOM!!! Funny thing is – the first detail I noticed was the crocheted Foofa – Naja LOVE Gabba. I’m definitely going to check out your friends site to see if she could make a Muno doll for Naja :). Thanks for sharing, as always Jen!

  44. I have been reading your blog for a few years – my daughter and Rowan are the same age (and will become big sisters just a few weeks apart). I keep coming back to this room – it is so beautiful and perfectly eclectic!

    I love your blog Thanks!

  45. So so pretty

  46. Can you tell me how you attached the branch to the wall please? Thanks!

  47. Beautiful room! And I spot some Merrilee’s artwork;).

  48. Pamela French •

    I was wondering how you secured the branch to the wall – it is gorgeous and I love that it doesn’t show long y like ropes leading to a single screw. Thank you! This room is gorgeous and full of LIFE!

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