Life Lately…


New paint | Making Pom Pom garlands | Mommy and Rowan lunch | Lunch time | Sitting for 2 seconds | A pretty house warming gift (bedside water carafe) | Playtime | New birthday toys | Lots of Thanks You cards to write | Eating | Fridge clutter | New to us blanket | Showtime | Working hard | Fruit smoothie with spinach | Lots and lots of bonfires.

  1. the little bite out of rowan’s lunch… just melts me! beautiful pictures x

  2. I just found your blog, and it’s gorgeous! My little girl Meadow was born Sept 10th 2012!
    I look forward to reading more!

  3. those thank you cards are awesome. love it

  4. Such a lovely series of photos! Great photojournalism. 🙂

  5. Love the picture of you in the chair and how you share things like what your daughter had for lunch 🙂 So sweet.

  6. The picture of you is so lovely.

  7. You take such awesome pictures of your life! Just enough of a sneak peak with out giving it all away. I love how you have them all over your fridge too!
    Could you do a post on what foods you buy and how you plan out dinners??
    My husband and I are trying to eat healthier and having some examples would be great! <3<3<3

  8. OOOhhh, what is that paint color if you don’t mind sharing it? It looks beautiful just in the can!

  9. Tutorial for the garlands please! That sounds like it’ll turn out super cute. Also, how cute is Rowan in her puppet stage?

  10. Cute photos!
    I assume you didn’t intend to flip off the camera in that picture of you in the chair, but it’s funny anyway 😉

    xo Jennifer

  11. I would also like to learn how to make the pompoms. I like the picture of you sitting in the chair, you look like you are contemplating something.

  12. love the birthday/bbq invite on the fridge – great lettering & drawings!

  13. I swear that paint is the exact same color we painted our nursery 🙂 It looks awesome!

  14. love it all! xox

  15. I aspire to have as much happiness and you and Kev someday. Your blog is definitely my favorite to read, and I really hope the best for your family. <3

  16. your life lately looks adorable. hope it’s as awesome as it seems 🙂

  17. oh boy, do you mind sharing where that play kitchen is from? it’s perfect! 🙂

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