Friday Favorites…


1. Backpack | 2. Tiered Top | 3. B&W Cardigan | 4. Ked Sneakers | 5. Measuring Cups | 6. Cutlery Set | 7. Tall Socks | 8. Bralette and cute Undies

I was looking through my closet the other day and I realized almost everything I have has either stripes or polka dots on it. Whoops. How can you not love anything with polka dots on them?

I have some exciting news to share. I started writing for the Disney Baby blog this week. Not much will change around Jenloveskev, but I will start sharing more personal motherhood stories over on Disney Baby now too. Here are my first 3 blog posts this week…

1. A Letter to the 1st Trimester
2. Like Mother, Like Daughter
3. Savoring the Moment

and now here are my other favorites from around the internet this week…

1. Oh Goodness! These boots are killer!
2. Seriously! Elizabeth has been killing it lately with her blog posts. How beautiful does she look here?
3. Yay! The cutest new little family photo shoot.
4. No joke. I NEED an indoor hammock. I am on a made search. Love this family.
5. Just realize I may need a maternity coat this year. Love this parka!
6. Such a great Nursery tour. Can’t wait for Mandi to welcome her little bundle of joy to the world.
7. So excited to check out this new book. I don’t know how anyone couldn’t love Sherry and John.
8. This story had me laughing and loving the internet all at the same time. Leave it to Indiana.
9. This dress might just be the prettiest dress I have ever seen.
10. With a new house- I have been obsessed with pinterest lately.

  1. Three cheers for polka dots! All your picks are spot-on… The polka-dot backpack is my favorite.

    Indiana’s birthing story was hilarious! I think she should trademark the washcloth of modesty.

  2. I have a problem with polka dots too! 🙂 Just bought a polk dot t-shirt at Madewell today as a matter of fact… Oops 🙂

  3. Polka dots are the best, they make everything cool and feminine.

  4. Mo Rocca did a profile piece on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday on famed polka dot artist Yayoi Kusama! Great timing with this! Especially love the undies. Super cute!

  5. Hi jen!!! I love everything polkadots here. So cute. This is a print that looks fun from kids to grown ups. And btw where do you do/edit this this pin board stuff? I wanna do something like this but i have no idea how.

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