Pure Joy…


You know those moments were you can’t think about anything else but the exact moment you are in? When all the problems you think you have seem to disappear and you can’t help but smile ear to ear? As an adult, I feel like sometimes we have a hard time getting there. We struggle to reach and experience those moments of pure joy. I think we can be happy a lot, but pure joy is something special. The world around us can bog us down. We all have responsibilities, drama, and hardships in our lives and sometimes I feel like as grown ups it is hard to see past all that.

I have noticed that as a parent I have come to recognize those “pure joy” moments more. Nothing brings a smile to your face quicker than seeing joy beaming from a child. They are so young and innocent. Watching Rowan grow and experience new things has made my heart swell and grow so many times over the last 2 years. Her joy has brought me to tears on more occasions than I can count.

My sister took these pictures of Rowan and her best little friends at Rowan’s birthday party the other day. I don’t know why but I can’t stop looking at them. The party got interrupted by a major storm (tornado warning and everything), but it didn’t stop these little girls from having such a wonderful time. You can just see the joy in their faces. I love how dark and sort of eerie the pictures are. You can tell there is a big storm about to happen any minute. I keep thinking they look like “lost girls” (if there were lost girls) from Peter Pan. It’s funny how sometimes your kids can teach you such profound lessons.

I hope we can all stop this week and really try to recognize those moments in our lives…


p.s. I just want to add that I don’t think you need to have a kid to experience joy. Obviously not. I was just expressing that for me having Rowan around has helped me live in those moments more.

  1. Such a sweet post and such a lovely reminder for all of us!

  2. Totally precious pictures! These are moments you will cherish forever.


  3. I love those photos. So adorable. And you’re right it’s very hard for adults to enjoy the little things in life and what really brings you joy.

  4. Such great photos! Rowan is such a happy little girl!

    xo Jennifer


  5. I felt that moment of joy today as I watched my almost 3 year old on her first day of school. I couldnt help but have a huge grin on my face.

  6. I almost cried! I loved what you’re wrote, I was thinking about this today, how happy I am after my daughter came, I can’t imagine how my life before her. I had time for everything, but didn’t have pure joy, I feel complete! xoxo

  7. loved this post jen. it is really hard to remember how to be happy when we are constantly thinking about work and bills to pay and all the things we have to do. i look forward to the day a little one can bring joy to me 🙂 little dogs make me happy now haha… my substitue child 🙂


  8. Love this post and couldn’t agree more! Being a parent absolutely has changed the way I view life and be more ready to recognize and enjoy the seemingly small moments, that you wish would last forever :).

  9. I’m expecting my first child and am 9 weeks pregnant. I got my first ultra sound yesterday and saw my little bean wiggle around, felt like she was waving at me. All I felt was pure in-the-moment joy. It was amazing.

  10. I love how children can turn any moment into a moment of pure joy. All it takes is running around a tree at dusk to bring a wide grin to their faces. Man, I miss those days …

  11. Such lovely pictures. Indeed we need to take a time and enjoy those precious moments of joy.

  12. Wonderful. I totally agree <3

  13. LOVE this post. So beautiful and so poignant. Thanks for sharing. The photos and the sentiment are beautiful.

  14. I agree, I’ve never lived in the moment so much or so frequently until I became a mom. I had wonderful moments in the past, but its seems nearly everyday of being a mom has a moment like this. It’s so special. Makes the bad moments more tolerable.

  15. <3 There really is nothing like seeing the world through their eyes.

  16. Beautiful post Jen. Thank you for the reminder!

  17. I agree, agree, agree!!! (sorry just felt like that needed three agrees…well four)

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