Friday Favorites…

I was a lucky girl this week and got some birthday money from friends and family to spend. I am not good with gift cards or money- it burns a hole in my pocket until I spend it. Here are some of my favorite things I’d like to add to my closet/house. Isn’t that green dress so pretty? I have debated buying these boots everyday for like the last week. I want them so badly!! I’m also convinced our door going out to the garage needs this keys/phone/wallet rug.



Here are my favorites from around the web lately…
1. Jessica is looking drop dead gorgeous in this NYFW outfit!

2. I am not one who loves NYFW coverage but I do LOVE all the modcloth coverage. I look forward to it every season. I love the behind the scene videos.

3. Loving these “dear bee” letters Erin writes to her daughter. So sweet.

4. Oooh this plaid dress is so pretty for the fall.

5. Elizabeth looks so beautiful. Hands down one of my favorite outfit post of hers.

6. Love this post on Dear Baby. We have a similar motto-code word that breaks tension in our house.

7. I would love to make one of these. Mandi has the best DIY posts.

8. Annie is such a fabulous Mom. I love every post she makes. Have you checked out her new etsy shop?

9. Such a cute family photo shoot. Love these guys 😉

10. Are you from the Worcester area? Then make sure you head over to see Punky’s new store. Doesn’t it look amazing?

  1. aww, thanks for this!!! It means a lot!! <3

  2. Love the mini greenhouse, would love one for my bathroom.Rx

  3. I’m sort of the opposite, I can never decide what to spend my giftcards and such on! Random, but have you ever thought of having your links open in a new window? Sometimes I click to a link, want to keep it open and come back and finish looking at the other stuff, and although it really only involves a copy and paste and then a back button, it would be awesome if they opened in a new window :).

    Have a good one!

  4. Boots are amazing you should get them. And the green dress is gorgeous.

  5. oh you are so sweet – thank you! and i LOVE the keys/phone/wallet doomart. so perfect. 🙂

  6. Love all these things. I actually have that rug in my uo cart! LOL! What a cute statement rug.

  7. Hey Jen…I found a kind of similar boot on the Target website and thought of you.

    They might be cheaper and could fulfill what you need from that boot. Since those boots are on the trendy end you might not like them next season. Also, you could justify tossing a Target boot.

    I could be way off, sorry if I am 🙂

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