Maternity Style: Week 23


I am partnering up with Lulu’s this month to share some cute Mommy & Me outfit posts. Each week when I post my weekly maternity outfit, I will also be sharing how you can get the look for not only yourself, but your little one as well. We are starting off with a good one! I am pretty obsessed with these polka dot pants. I may not be able to zip them up at the moment (thank you Bellyband!) but with this longer maternity denim shirt no one is the wiser.

Week 23! I’ve finally started to feel this little girl on a regular basis. It took forever! I’ve always heard you feel the baby sooner with the second, but not for me. She is quite active at night now a days though. It’s so great to feel her kicking around in there. We’ve been trying to talk to Rowan about the baby. I’m pretty sure we’ve just convinced her that everyone has a baby in their belly. It will click one of these days for her. A few of our close friends have had babies in the last couple weeks and she is just so sweet with them. I am excited to see her with her own baby sister.


Maternity Denim Shirt: H&M
Belly Band: Target
Polka Dot Cropped Pants: c/o Lulu’s
Sunglasses: c/o Lulu’s
Brooches: Vintage & from an old belt
Report Color Blocked Wedges: c/o Lulu’s


Denim Dress: Gap
Leggings: Crew Cuts
Gold Loafers: Crew Cuts
Headband: LouandLee

  1. That is so cute! I loved my belly band, too!

  2. wow you look SO adorable, i love those pants!

  3. You are just the cutest! You make being pregnant look so lovely and so normal. Like you can be pregnant and be totally yourself! I love it. I find these posts so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  4. i LOVE that shirt. I have been wanting to find a CUTE maternity denim shirt for months! i wish my H&M had maternity!

  5. Oh jen, you look so friggin’ cuuuute! I love the denim with the polka dot pants…this outfit is GREAT!!

  6. Ahhh! You are just the cutest!

  7. The polka dot pants are cute cute cute. I have no doubt Rowan will be a great big sister! My first was 20months old when my second was born and I could sense confusion regarding having a belly, then not having a belly and having a baby. Ha! It’s so fun to watch their little wheels spin. So excited and happy for you!

  8. You are looking good mama! Cannot wait to see another beautiful baby girl of yours!

    xo Jennifer

  9. Darling. I love print pants and those polka dots are awesome.
    Keep it up–that is my favorite when you feel the kicks and the belly is finally showing! Enjoy.

  10. Awesome outfit, I can imagine a baby girl with the kids version so cute.

  11. Time to bring Rowan and her thinking out here to Arizona where the government believes we all have babies in our bellies until proven otherwise! 😉 (Except it’s cute that Rowan thinks it and nuts that the government believes it.)

  12. Love the shoes! And you totally rock polka dot pants.

  13. Love the polka dot pants, so fun. Also really loved the mini me version, but I’m unable to get to the dress or find it on the Gap website :(. Was it an old one?

  14. Why don’t those gold flats come in my size?! So cute!

  15. You look amazing! Great outfit!

  16. MUST have those gold loafers!

  17. You hair looks so good and healthy with this cut! I love it! Cute pants.

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