The Foxes are Here!!


Things have been quiet this week, and will probably be quiet next week too, as we get packed and ready to move. We close on our new house Monday morning at 9am!! Oh yeah!!

Anyway, I have finished up a few new foxes. I’ve listed a handful of them now and will add more tonight. I especially have a few more Mr. Foxes to go up later on tonight. So, head on over to my etsy shop and make sure you snatch one up!

Thanks Guys!!

  1. aww so cute!


  2. love them! yellow bow tie mr. fox is my fave 🙂

    xo allie

  3. Jennifer •

    What on earth makes those dolls worth almost $70? I would honestly like to know. They are cute, but come on.

  4. So glad you got that early morning closing! Congrats!

  5. They are so cute! I’m seriously considering getting one for my little girl.

  6. Aw, I can’t believe you made those… you are one talented lady, so adorable!! Congrats on the house too!!! xo

  7. Adorable. you are so gifted!!
    take care during this busy time.

  8. those foxes aren’t vintage, maybe vintage like

  9. @jennifer Do you make anything by hand? It takes a very long time. I spend about 15 hours on each fox. Yes, I am slow but I enjoy doing it. So, $70 isn’t really even worth my time really. Handmade will always cost more than something you will get from target but there are people who appreciate that. I know I sure do. If it isn’t for you than that is ok.

  10. @Em No one said the foxes were vintage. I labeled one of them “Vintage Floral” referring to the vintage floral fabric I used to make her shirt.

  11. They’re gorgeous! I will always be willing to pay a little more for something that was handmade. I find everything more special when you can see the love that went into making it. I wish there were more to buy. “Mrs. Claus” would love to buy a fox for her son 🙂

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! You look beautiful.

  12. Natalie •

    So cute!

  13. Ah! These are so adorable, Jen.
    I had no idea you made these!
    I love them. : )

  14. Did you designed the foxes by yourself or did you take the patterns from somewhere? I’d like to do something similar too. They’re really gorgeous!!

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