Maternity Style: Week 21


I seriously can not believe that we are already half way through this pregnancy. Time seems to fly by with the second one. Like I just mentioned in my Friday Favorites post, I really love longer elastic waist skirts and tank tops this summer. They are comfy to wear and I still can feel a little bit like my old self (style wise). Unintentionally, it seems like Sunday turned into tutu day. Rowan wore her purple tutu and I wore my version of one. Who doesn’t love a tulle skirt?

As my bangs are getting longer I am forcing myself to try out some new styles. I am still not convinced on the middle part, but it is growing on me each time I wear it. I’m also sort of playing with the idea of cutting my hair into a bob? Will I regret that? I might.


Tulle Skirt: MODCLOTH
Tank Top: FOREVER 21
Flower Pin: H&M


  1. How cute! I know I’m going to enjoy your maternity style 🙂

  2. Jen, you look beautiful! Your style seems so effortless and chic. And Rowan is such an angel. Can’t believe how big she is getting! Congrats to you all on your growing family!

  3. you look SO adorable, i love the middle part!

  4. so so pretty, i was only just thinking how lovely your hair looks like this! But a bob would also totally suit you, you have one of those faces that suits all hair and plus it always grows back if youre not to keen. And on the matter of hair.. how cute is Rowans?! Adorable!!xx

  5. I have no kids and I’ve never been pregnant, but I’ve heard that you should never make drastic changes to your appearance while pregnant. The middle part looks really cute like this!

  6. Tutu day FTW! Seriously, you two look way too cute next to each other in your pretty tutu-style skirts. And Rowan is getting SO BIG! She almost looks like a little girl instead of a baby now.

    P.S. Your hair looks SUPER cute like this, but I bet you could pull off a bob as well 🙂

  7. I love the skirt!

  8. you’re glowing!! and rowan is SO cute!!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. I just love this outfit! I also love the flower pin to add it in an extra touch.

  10. So cute!!! You should try the bob!! I actually just cut mine, I was so scared, but it feels amazing to have a short fresh and new cut.

  11. so cute! Love the skirts-over-the-bump look!! PS. You all look soooo happy. Happy for your family 🙂

  12. These are the cutest photos ever!

    xo Jennifer

  13. Camilla •

    Cute you mom and daughter!! My opinion: don’t cut the hair!! You look pretty!! Is charming long hair… Maybe later, later…

  14. This outfit looks gorgeous on you, very flattering! Second pregnancies sure do seem to fly by… until the end when us nutty pregnant woman will do just about anything to get those babes out! haha.

  15. I wish I was that cute when pregnant. 😉

    – Sarah

  16. Rowan is so cutee…<3
    Greetings from Serbia (Europe) 😀 :*

  17. love that white skirt you’re wearing

  18. I don’t really think a bob would suit you. Plus they can be more high-maintenance than long hair. This is coming from someone who has had every length between up to my ears and down to my thighs!

  19. Jen, you look absolutely gorgeous!
    Don’t cut your hair – there are so many cool ways in which you can style long hair; as someone before commented, bobs tend to be quite high maintenance – let me tell you, I went from long hair to a chin length bob (with bangs) and had to straighten my hair everyday to make it look nice. I don’t know what your hair is like, but if it’s wavy and gets curly when it’s humid a bob will be a nightmare to maintain.
    Oops, I meant to comment on how amazing you look and all of a sudden this whole hair confession/advice surfaced – sorry!
    Kisses from London!

  20. Jen,
    I love how you pulling off maternity style sans maternity clothing! Very inspirational…eventually, just not yet!

  21. You look fabulous and your daughter is just the cutest. I have just discovered your blog and I look forward to reading often.

  22. Adorable, both! I love seeing non-maternity pregnancy outfits. And I think your hair looks great like that – my mom always says pregnant ladies should never do drastic hair cuts, after she once came home with a Brady Bunch hair disaster when pregnant with my youngest brother (hormones leading to bad choices?) – ha.

  23. Rowan’s hair is just too cute!!

  24. Your hair is GORGEOUS in these photos. In my opinion it is the best now that I’ve ever seen it (I’ve been following for about 3 years). I LOVE you with no bangs! Just my opinion:) A bob would be fun as long as your hair grows fast. Either way would look great.

  25. You and Rowan are TOO CUTE in your tutus! Just adorable. 🙂

  26. Jen, you look so beautiful you’re absolutely glowing!! And your outfit couldn’t be prettier love how you’ve styled the tutu & love that Rowan is wearing hers, too cute!! As for your hair?! I’m loving it right now. I too have been toying with getting a bob but for now I’m on the fence. xo

  27. I know this is extremely late, but I’ve been away from the blogging world lately and I had no idea you were expecting again! congratulations! Rowan is getting even cuter everyday, and I am genuinely excited to meet your new little one. so happy for you all! yay!

  28. I haven’t wanted to bother you because you’re busy moving. But what is the font you use for all this handwriting stuff? I need something just like that for a project I am working on today. I miss you so much and you’re beautiful family. Lots of love!

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