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This weekend was beautiful! You could feel that Fall was around the corner. We kind of dragged our feet Saturday morning on what were were going to do that day. Deciding whether ideas we had were worth the effort, time, narrowing down exactly what we wanted to do, etc… Finally, we realized we just needed to get out and go. One of my favorite bands has a line in a song (which I know is really a John Lennon line) that we always like to bring up in moments like that… “Life is what happens while we’re making plans”. Oh Piebald. I will love you forever. We ended up driving to the Berkshires to spend the day. We hiked Mt. Greylock and enjoyed the fresh air. As we were out there, I couldn’t help but be so thankful we went. I don’t think we will ever be satisfied with just sitting around doing nothing. There is just too much life to live and explore out there to waste a Saturday on. I am so grateful for a husband that likes to share my adventurous spirit with me. Getting out and sharing in new things as a family is my greatest joy.


  1. So beautiful Jen, and we’re so the same – love getting out on the weekends, doing & seeing and experiencing as much as we can. I’m not much of a sit around kind of gal either… and I too love that line, such a fantastic reminder!! Hope your week is off to a fab start, and again, thanks so much for your emails – really means so much!! xo

  2. Billy McGuiness •

    We were there M-W this week! We hiked to Stoney Ledge it is so beautiful up there. Great way to spend the day.

  3. I love hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountians around here. I’ve always got my two puppies in tow, so that is always and adventure.

    I’m loving the crisp mornings lately too. I can’t wait for fall! Hiking when the leaves are turning colors is so amazing!

  4. your views on life are truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. That’s one of my favorite John Lennon quotes! Crisp cool air is quite literally one of life’s most perfect things.

  6. What a fun little trip to do with your little one. Thank you for sharing the pics! Looks like it was a beautiful day. Part of the AT crosses just east of my parents house (we are not far from the Blue Ridge Parkway).

  7. Loved the views, both on life and of nature. Fresh air, there is nothing better…

  8. those little vans… cuuuuuuuuuuute!

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