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Yeah, it’s Sunday. I still wanted to get this post up though. I am pretty obsessed with this outfit. I really hate maternity clothes and I try really hard not to buy anything maternity while I am pregnant. It gets a little tricky at the end, but now there are lots of elastic waist skirts and cotton tanks. Look how cute this outfit is!!! You could wear this pregnant or not. For me, I would pull this beautiful skirt up and over my bump and tuck in the tank top. These heels are awesome because they aren’t sky high, they have a chunky heel and a platform toe making them really easy to wear. I am totally into backpacks lately. They make for a really great diaperbag/purse. I usually need both hands free and to be able to scoop down to pick Rowan up with out a shoulder bag slipping down every two seconds. How cute is this backpack? and hello Llama necklace!!!


Here are my other favorites from around the web these past few weeks…
1. I don’t think I could have said this better myself (well I know I couldn’t have- That is why I love Mandy!)

2. Cutest Birthday Party invites ever.

3. Pretty much think this is the cutest/prettiest dress ever.

4. I love this family so much! (not in a creepy way of course).

5. Summer Fudgesicles and the cutest dang face ever.

6. A tutorial for making your own peplum top!

7. Coconut Quinoa and Kale with Tropical Pesto! Yes please!!

8. I wish so badly I would be able to wear this dress this fall. So dang cute!

9. Love this outfit!

10. These shoes have to be on my feet this fall!

  1. Not a fan of buying the maternity clothes either. When I was pregnant I bought one pair of elastic jeans, target t-shirts and forever 21 maternity leggings. It worked, I don’t know how well but it worked.

  2. melissa •

    Maternity clothes suck! The cute ones are way to expensive to buy for 4 or 5 months and the affordable ones are ugly. I’m due in the next few weeks and the only maternity clothes I’ve had to buy are jeans, everything else is stretchy skirts, maxi dresses and tank tops.

  3. That’s such a cute outfit – you are so clever with your pregnant clothes!

  4. Adorable shoes and necklace! Love how it could be maternity/everyday. :]

  5. I just discovered the blog of that cute family from your list here (#4 above)…so cute they are together!

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