23 months…


Let’s talk about 23 months shall we? Rowan is all toddler now a days and a very curious one at that. Every other word is “what’s that?” She soaks up information like crazy. Kev and I are constantly amazed by how smart she is. She has started getting her 2 year old molars already and is weighing in at 29lbs and measuring at 36″ tall.
Here are a few things I’d like to remember about this age…

1. We are fully aware we’ve become the parents in denial that our kid has a wild baby mullet. I can’t bring myself to cut it. It will grow out eventually, right?
2. The hundred times a day that she says “I did it!”
3. Her sweet little lips and how they pout when she is sad.
4. How much she loves little babies and pretty much calls any little kid (even her own age) baby.
5. That she is very particular every morning that Daddy sits across from her at her little table while she eats her cereal and that I have to sit on the floor next to her.
6. How she has named her two cheetah stuffed animals “mommy cheeah” and “baby cheeah”
7. She has quite a vocabulary but the way she says these words are my favorite; “beach” “boat” “fox” “Rowan” “ice” and “trash truck”
8. Now when she gets hurt a kiss on her boo-boo makes everything better.
9. Her obsession with strawberries
10. That she still calls her Apple&Eve juice boxes “cookie juice” because that one time there was a cookie monster on the box.
11. That Mickey has gone from being called Hot Dog to now being called “Hot Dog Dance”. Poor Mickey one day she will know your real name
12. That she says “ta da!” when she thinks she is showing you something great.
13. How much she loves climbing into the hiking backpack all day long. Hoping someone will take her for a ride.
14. How she squeals and does this little stomp dance with her one arm raised when she gets to play with her friend Ceanna
15. That she likes to march. She looks like a solider with straight legs but it is pretty funny as she yells “march, march”
16. Her actions to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
17. How she sings her ABC’s. “A – B -C- B- E- B- E…” She is really good at LMNOP and WXYZ. It is really cute. She always claps and says “yay” afterwards.
18. How she knows every way we go to get to the different parks in the area. As soon as she realizes we’ve turn the wrong way (like if we aren’t going to the park) she gets so upset. Yelling “Kids!” She really loves the park and especially playing with other kids.
19. The face she makes when you tell her to say “cheese”
20. How just like at every other stage I can say that this one just makes my heart full. It is hard and makes me cry a lot out of frustration but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Seeing her grow in independence and into a little girl has got to be one of the greatest things to witness as a parent.


Oh how we love her!

Outfit Details:
Sandals: A gift from her Meme
Dress: H&M (a gift from Germany from her Meme)
Jean Vest: Joe Fresh (gift from her Auntie Carrie)

  1. Can’t wait to see her as a big sister!

  2. Gorgeous… I would not cut Rowan’s hair, so cute as is.
    Part of me cannot wait for Jarvis to reach this age, the other part of me does not want him to grow up.

  3. NatalieW •

    Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to cut that hair either. Loved reading this post. What a sweetheart!

  4. That ‘cheese’ face cracks me up!

  5. What a sweet post! The photo of her saying “cheese” looks like Kev!

  6. Shannon •

    Awww…this post really made my heart swell. When I met my husband his daughter was 2yrs old. She’s growing so fast and reading your list here reminded me of a lot of the same things she used to do as well.

  7. Nicholle •

    Love this post. Rowan is one smart cookie. Our 26mo old has a crazy baby mullet too (and I hate to tell you our 5yr old’s hasn’t grown out yet!). Must be ’cause we live in Acton!

  8. Be patient, that mullet will turn into a beautiful head of hair.

  9. i love that jean vest!

  10. This was so touching to read and hilarious too! I can feel your love in your words.

  11. My son (21 months) refers to ALL children as “baby” as well. So silly. One time, he even called an old lady in a wheelchair a baby. So embarassing. Mine is also rocking the mullet… Papa won’t let us cut it… but yes, her hair will grow 😉 She wears a baby mullet better than any others. What a cutie pa-tudy.

    Ashley @ The Stork & The Beanstalk

  12. OMG – that face for “cheese” – how cute! Naja does a similar scrunchy face thing that I think is adorable. Love to hear this and looking forward to experiencing it soon!

  13. Happy 23!!! She looks adorable, love her sandals

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