Summer for the Win!


I think I am just going to throw up my arms at blogging this week. Just isn’t happening. I’ve sat down every morning and started writing about something, but then the rest of life happens and we are on the go until bedtime. It has been a busy but great week! Lots of friends, playdates, pools, new babies and evening walks. Sometimes life is just too good to stay indoors.

This morning I couldn’t sleep and was looking back through some iphone photos. I couldn’t help but smile. I feel like this is the first summer in long time that we can honestly say we have made the most out of every minute. Here are some of my favorites from the past 2 weeks…


How has your summer been going?

  1. You, lady, are gorgeous!

  2. the photos are so adorable and that last one of you is just simply stunning!

  3. Wow…. I had NO IDEA you were pregnant. I guess it’s been a while since I’ve stopped by your blog? Anywho, you look great! Congrats on baby #2 🙂

  4. Our summer has been fun-filled as well (even with two kids we love to get out and get going!)

    Where is that waterfall? We would love to check that out (I have a thing for swimming holes and waterfalls!)–we live in NYC and love a good roadtrip.

  5. Jen last night I was just talking about needing to make the most of each moment. I’ve fallen so short in this! It looks like you are living in the moment and I applaud you for walking away from the computer to spend time with your precious family. Look how blessed you are!

  6. I immediately thought, where’s the picture of you jumping off the cliff? Then I remembered about the baby! lol

  7. Beautiful pictures! and of course beautiful family 🙂

  8. Where is that green polka dot skirt from? Love it! That last shot is amazing. Such a keepsake.

  9. Dang, girl! That last picture is fabulous.
    And seeing pictures of Rowan makes my baby fever even worse. She is so, so adorable.

  10. What a lovely post! Summer has been lovely for us too. So nice to reflect on the seasons as they go by, savouring the sweet memories made along the way.

  11. Those are the best kind of summer days! I think all of us in the blogging world feel that life is too busy to even know where to begin and when you will have time to write. Your photos are gorgeous. It looks like you guys have been having a great time.
    Much love,

  12. Jen, these pictures are so fun! The one of Kev jumping into the water and the last one of you are both gorgeous.

  13. Her pig tails kill me! Good for you for enjoying your summer with your family like you should!

    xo Jennifer

  14. Lovely pics. Take your time, and keep enjoying. Summer doesn’t last forever…;)
    (unless you’re in hawaii, hehe. ) It’s such a special season.
    xo aloha!

  15. You are lovely. And I just adore Rowan’s cute little pigtails!!

  16. I’ve loved following your summer, Jen! It looks like you’ve been having an amazing time… and I’m super excited for your family. ps; ADORE that last photo. You’re a beauty.

  17. You’re just gorgeous! What a beautiful mama…. that green polka dot skirt is just so sweet. Love it. Congrats on the baby on the way. Uber exciting.


  18. That looks like the top pool at Splitrock (Elizabethtown, NY). One of my favorite places.

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