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1. Let me just jump up and down and yell “We did it!!” Ahh we did it. We made it through the trouble of making the switch to a big girl bed. I will honestly say it got a little scary there for a while. I was sure we would never sleep through the night again. We may have some bumps in the road ahead of us, especially with a move and a new baby, but I think the worst is behind us. Last night she fell asleep on her own without much of a fight and slept through the night until 7am when she came in to our room. We were all able to then cuddle/sleep a little more till 8am. hallelujah!

2. Rowan does this thing when she hears a noise where she stops what she is doing, cuffs her ear and say in a very perplexed way “what’s that?” It’s not as clear as that which makes it that much more endearing, but it’s probably my favorite thing ever.

3. For as busy a little girl that Rowan is, she sure loves her books. She LOVES to read. It is really the only time we can get her to sit still. She carefully studies each page, looking at every picture and pointing out things she knows how to say. We read a lot of books during the day. I love going to thrift stores (Savers are the best for this I think) and going straight for their book sections. We’ve got so many books for like .49cents. It is awesome. I know I kick myself everyday when I am picking up the 100 books off the floor but I don’t think a kid could ever have too many books.

4. I am pretty sure we have conquered the naked potty training at home. As long as she is naked from the waist down Rowan will always go number 1 and 2 on the potty. We’ve even moved on from the bjorn potty seat to a stool and real toilet (plus seat insert of course). She is really great about it. Now we just need to get her to understand that those same feelings apply when you are out wearing underwear/diaper. We aren’t there yet but it’s a good start.

1. THE WHINING! Omgosh. The whining is driving me crazy. This week has been the worst. One minute she is so good but in a split second will go to being so whining and clingy. I really hate the whining. I would take crying over whinging any day.

2. We really have to watch our tone with her. She is starting to mimic and pick up on everything we say. She does this thing now where she gets all heated and puts her hand out and yells “STOP, no Mommmy!” when I am coming to take something away from her. There is also lots of “MINE” which drives me crazy. Let’s just say there have been lots of timeouts in our house lately with her new found attitude.

PREGNANCY UPS & DOWNS (We’ll add these in here now too each week!)
1. We got to see our sweet baby girl on Monday! It was the first and probably last time we see her until she is born. I am not really in to getting lots of ultrasounds if they aren’t needed, but boy oh boy was she a cutie. Her little hands were up by her face moving around. So cute!
2. Feeling the baby move around finally. My placenta is anterior this pregnancy so I guess I may not feel her as much?
3. Smooth Move Peppermint tea. Hello! pregnant girls bff! (Just a note: I discussed and got the ok from my midwife before I even started drinking- thank you for the concern)

1. Having super low energy and patience for Rowan is really hard. Especially, when she is so, so active and in quite a toddler “terrible 2” phase. It makes me feel really guilty.
2. It is so hot and I am so sweaty. Gross
3. I am almost at the no sleeping on my belly anymore point. Eeek. I hate this part. I already can’t sleep fully on my belly, but I can do like a half and half thing still.

  1. rachael •

    Hi Jen, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and was scrolling through your previous pregnancy style files a couple weeks ago just WISHING you were doing it again, the next day you posted that excellent video! I’m pregnant, due with a baby girl only a week earlier and feel so lucky for your blog. I love your posts on Parenting Ups and Downs, and now your Pregnancy ones too. And of course the Maternity Wears! Thanks for all you do.
    -Big Fan

  2. Lauren •

    You’re not alone with the whinning. With my little guy I calmly ask him to say please (by singing because he’s not really talking yet) and it kind of helps separate the whining because he wants something from whining because he’s tired/annoyed/frustrated. I try to praise his big boy voice, but you know it’s a phase the ALL go through. Yay!

    Also, I have 2 under 2 at the moment and I understand your exhaustion being pregnant with a toddler. Make sure you take time for you now more than ever. I started yoga at 26 wks and it made a huge difference, even if just to get away from everyone for a while. Don’t feel guilty about being frustrated with Rowan, you’re only human! I adore my boys and being a stay at home mon, but my god the can drive me crazy. All of us moms need to be honest about that!

    Good luck and congrats!

  3. I need your tips!! We just switched my girl to a “big girl” bed and it’s going horribly!! I’m 37 weeks pregnant and cannot deal with the lack of sleep! It’s driving me nuts. She goes down just fine, but gets out of bed and cries in the hallway like 18 times a night, I just put her back, but as soon as my head hits the pillow, she’s back at it again. What did you do that helped? I’m about at my wits end!

  4. Jessie •

    I was pregnant last year and my daughters were 4 1/2 and 1 1/2 when I found out. It was a tough year. But here’s what I discovered.

    I felt worse when I was at work because I was sitting down and it made the morning sickness almost unbearable. Also in to the third trimester sitting for long periods of time made my back ache!!!
    When I was at home…I was so busy being a Mommy to the two girls I actually felt a little better. Still very tired but a lot better. It was so weird.

    This year after my son was born in January..it took time to recover from a c-section but once I did…..I had a new found appreciation for energy. I felt like a new person. It’s hard to keep in perspective when you are pregnant because it consumes you. I know this all so well. But hang in there.

    Oh my daughter went through a super whiny phase last year too. My youngest daughter. There were times where I was afraid to take the two girls anywhere once I got bigger because I was afraid of a meltdown and nothing is worse than dragging a toddler off of the floor when you are pregnant. Sweating …oh yeah…some serious sweating.

    🙂 I’m excited to read about your journey. Congrats on the big girl bed.

  5. First off, that is a darling picture of your little one! I can totally relate to what you are saying about Rowan having so much energy, only stopping to read a book now and then. My 13 month old Selah is the same way! She was sooo active in my belly, and has always been an active child. She is a lot of fun though, has a huge personality and smile. I’m sort of scared about the attitude thing. I know it’s coming….

  6. Nice going with the transition! Our little one only got up a couple of times but has otherwise stayed put and loves her new bed. Changes are hard on the little ones but sometimes they surprise me!


  7. Yay for big girl bed success!!!

    – Sarah

  8. I love these posts, they are my favorite! Please keep doing them, they help all us parents who also have our ups and downs 🙂

  9. Always fun to relate to you with our little Levi being a tad older, but less mature (boys always are! :)) than Rowan. Levi also imitates ALL of us, and w/ three older brothers, that can be scary! He always yells “O-Kaaaaaay?” with his hands cupped around his mouth like a loud speaker…It’s funny. But not.
    I’m super excited for you. Soon your energy will come back. It was always hard for me during pregnancies to allow myself to just BE in a stage, and remember it will change. I couldn’t keep perspective so well. But try to. You’re doing awesome!!
    aloha friend!

  10. Matilda •

    Have you talked to your dr about that tea? I’m pregnant and mine said absolutely no way on it. Laxative teas are a big no no. Just worry about you. Curious why ou don’t want ultrasounds.

  11. Monika •

    I really like reading your parenting ups and downs – my favorite posts :o) Its also gona be interesing to read about your pregnancy…. Congrats on your beautiful growing family xx

    Ps. love your videos.. soo cute 🙂

  12. i would definatly sleep the whole night through in such a beautiful and cozy bed!
    which program do you use writing on the photos?


  13. I am due in two weeks and also normally sleep on my stomach. I’ve been using the Boppy Total Body Pillow to sleep on my side and it has been pretty good. I hug it and wrap my legs around it. It gets twisted up sometimes but i tend to move around a lot in my sleep.

  14. Maggie •

    I checked out the Smooth Moves Peppermint tea for a friend of mine and there’s a warning that you shouldn’t take it if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding, just an FYI. I love your site and am excited for your new addition!

  15. I am so with you on the whining, it drives me crazy! I get frustrated as well and then feel bad but oh how I hate the whining! I love reading your parenting ups and downs, it’s so relatable, and I feel so much better knowing I’m not alone.

  16. You have to get a Snoogle pillow… best thing EVER! I have bought one for all my pregnant friends and they all LOVED it. Its the ONLY way to sleep when pregnant. PLUS if you’re really sneaky with it you can sleep on the side of your tummy through almost the entire pregnancy. Thats what I did and its great! Watch out though… Kev will HATE the thing!! It takes up a good chunk of the bed!

  17. I dislike whining also but dont like saying “stop whining ” so now I say “that is a yucky voice. Can you use your big boy voice? i cant understand the yucky voice.” It really works! I did this AFTER I taught him to clear the whiny voice from his throat. As soon as the whine started, I’d say “say NO!” and do it like a game. Then “say YES!” and when the whine was gone after fun yelling, i would ask him what he needed to say, now that the yucky voice is gone, i could understand. Made me less irritated too.

  18. Just posting to say I have had anterior placenta this pregnancy. I was sort of curious/concerned about it. It has moved up as my belly has grown, I am 38 weeks now. I feel EVERY movement of this baby. I really can’t say I notice the difference from last pregnancy and I had fundal placenta for that one.

  19. My favourite photos are the ones of baby sleeping. I think this one is the most beautiful I´ve ever seen

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