WORKING ON: We are having a really casual Olympic Ceremony party tonight with friends. I made a bunch of flag banners yesterday and also drew a fun new chalkboard design on our chalkboard. I love themed parties and well, I also LOVE the Olympics. Like I really, really love the Olympics. I always get so choked up watching them. It’s just so crazy to me that the world comes together over this event. Crazy, huh? We are suppose to dress up in colors of our favorite country. You can bet Rowan and I will be sporting all the Canadian gear we have.

THINKING ABOUT: I have been thinking a lot about Rowan lately. How these are our last few months with just her. I am excited to be adding to our family, but I am trying to cherish this special time with her as well. She is getting so, so big and I don’t want to take for granted these last few months. We have a lot of big things coming up before the baby comes and I don’t want to lose sight on really focusing on the little time we have left as just Rowan and Mommy during the day.

ANTICIPATING: WE FIND OUT THE SEX OF THE BABY ON MONDAY!! Holy Cow that came up fast. We went back and forth whether we would find out or not. We found out with Rowan but with all the baby gear already we saw the fun in waiting. We decided we would get one ultrasound and if the baby was cooperating we would find out and if not then we would wait.

LISTENING TO: The newest Regina Spektor. It is grey and rainy out, we are still in our pjs and it’s the perfect soundtrack for our morning.

EATING: I can’t seem to get enough pasta lately. It is such a comfort food for me. I could eat it everyday (I wish I actually could). I also can’t seem to eat enough green apples and I usually never drink juice, but all I want all the time is really cold juice or ice tea.

THANKFUL FOR: The steps we are taking with Rowan in potty training and sleeping. I feel like we woke up this morning and had some huge wins. After a pretty defeating week with it all, last night and this morning was what we all needed to boost some confidence. I know we aren’t 100% there yet, but Rowan slept through the night in her bed and has not had one accident all morning. She even went poop in her potty this morning for the first time (sorry I know that is TMI but we were really excited over here!!).

PLANNING FOR: This week brought the official news we got our house!!! We had an offer accepted at the beginning of the month, but we were waiting for the house inspection, mortgage applications, etc… to be cleared before getting all excited. We close on August 30th and it feels like an eternity away. I want to move now. I hate waiting, but we have a lot of planning, packing and moving to do this month. How exciting!!

Happy Weekend Guys!!

*Big huge thank you to Danielle for always writing these posts. I love them every time she does them and they inspired this post.

  1. What a sweet photo of Kevin and Rowan! And I love these posts!

  2. Oh, yay!!! Congrats on the house Jen… and I know what you mean it can feel like such an eternity. Martin & I waited for a year & a half for our place to get built. Ah, we barely made it, hehe! SO happy for all of your wonderful news, and I can’t think of two sweeter people being more deserving. Enjoy your weekend!! xo veronika

  3. Congrats on the house! I can’t wait to see pics of it. We want to buy a house so badly. I think we’ll have to leave L.A. to make it a reality, though.

  4. An Olympic party sounds like so much fun. I hope you share pics. I think swimming and gymnastics are my favorite events.

    I can’t wait to hear if the newbie is gonna be a boy are girl! Always a wonderful surprise! 🙂

    Here’s to a fabulous weekend for you and your family and some very special time with your little (errr, big) girl and big sister to be! 🙂

  5. Congrats on your house! How exciting – new baby, new house!

    xo Jennifer

  6. Elizabeth •

    Yay for having an Olympic party. The buzz in London is amazing. I’m Olympic obsessed and off to weightlifting (??) on Sunday. The ceremony is less than two hours away and it will be great. I’m on the look out for my friend who is performing. Love it x

  7. Lauren •

    Congrats on buying a house! I’m having an inspection done on my first house Monday (closing september 14th!) and have been waiting to really announce anything until after the inspection and mortgage work goes through without issue. Its weird to be so excited about something but still scared at the same time since its such an unpredictable process. August 30 will be here before you know it!

  8. We just had pasta ourselves tonight! I could eat plate after plate of it too….
    I’ve always loved finding out the sex of our kids halfway. It’s always so incredibly exciting, and somehow always makes it so much more real.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Jen, and that the sleeping improves day by day…
    Ronnie xo

  9. Staceys •

    So many exciting and joyful things going on. I’ve really enjoyed reading yor blog over the years. Perhaps to personal to request but I would love to know how you approached potty training. We’re on the cusp of starting and I am utterly totally overwhelmed with it.

  10. Kathryn •

    Love the honesty and simplicity/directness of these update posts. This is my first comment despite reading your blog for the last four years. I have to say, while I enjoyed the big fashion turn the blog took, I am so loving the focus on you, Kev and Rowan and the ups and downs of life especially during such an exciting time in your lives. Thank you for following your gut and for your openness in this crazy blog world. GO CANADA GO and I hope your sister is enjoying beautiful (despite the rainy summer) Vancouver.

  11. I hope you had fun with your Olympic little shindig! Sounds like fun! And congrats on the new house! I am also glad the potty training is going well, go Rowan! I love your little family and these sweet updates. Have a beautiful weekend!
    <3 Kastles

  12. andrea •

    I finally got caught up on all your posts! Congratulations on the new baby and the new house! Can’t wait for those posts!

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