Maternity Wears: Week 17


I haven’t quite decided how I will document each week here on the blog now that the news is out. I loved out weekly photo shoots for Rowan, but I’m looking to switch things up a bit this time. I will be doing at least 1 weekly maternity style post. Here is the first one!

These first few months are rough. You aren’t showing that cute bump as much as you just look thicker in the middle. Ugh. I hate this stage. It really, really drives me crazy. Oh well. Powering through with the few elastic waist skirts that are large enough to head up over the small but growing bump.


Heart Blouse: Forever 21
Vintage Skirt: Swapped
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Chelsea Crew Heels: Modcloth

  1. aw your so pretty jen! love the top! i wasnt a blog reader when you had rowan so im excited to follow your pregnancy!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. becky. •

    jen you looks gorgeous!

  3. Mallory •

    I LOVE that you are pregnant right now! I am 14 weeks and i was hoping that one of my style blog friends would be pregnant too so i can get cute ideas on how to dress my bump!
    So happy/excited for you! looking forward to your dress the bump posts!

  4. So cute, Jen! I’ve only been reading your blog for about a year so I missed your maternity style on the first go round. I’m looking forward to seeing it with baby #2!

  5. Yay, maternity wear!! I know I’ve already said it, but I’m so thrilled for you and Kev, how amazing to be growing your family!! I’m excited to read along and hear all about your new journey!! And this outfit is amazing!! How do you do it… you always have such beautiful style Jen! I’m bookmarking this look!! Adore it!! xo veronika

  6. So pretty! I look forward to seeing your bump grow!

    xo Jennifer

  7. You are darling! Are those Queen Anne’s Lace in the background? Beautiful background for this sweet getup. Just like some others have mentioned, I didn’t follow your last pregnancy, and I’m really looking forward to seeing your maternity style! I need help, when I was pregnant I mostly wore sweats:(

  8. Too cute!

  9. So beautiful! I love the skirt and shirt together…Oh I so remember those weird days of “you’re pregnant but you’re not showing” but I think you’re looking pretty darn fabulous 🙂

  10. You look gorgeous! I am so excited to see your maternity style files, no matter how frequent or infrequent they are 🙂

  11. eek I hated the in between bump-no bump hard to figure out. I wore alot of wrap dresses and lose shift dresses as well. I am pretty excited for these posts btw!

  12. cute cute cute!!!

  13. such a cute look and i love those glasses!

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