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This week was a tough one. Rowan has been getting up at the crack of dawn for some reason and has been taking 45 mins naps. It has left everyone in the our house tried and cranky. The days have felt very long and a little bit lonely. I am super excited to go visit my parents this weekend, celebrate our best friends baby shower and run the Color Me Rad race in Boston. Nothing like a jam packed weekend to turn around a somewhat blah week. Also, a little retail therapy never hurt either. This week I was hitting up all the online sales everywhere. Summer may have just begun, but that means everything summer related is on sale in stores. Heck yeah!

Here are my favorites from around the internet this week (kinda wish I was wearing that fringe cardigan and neon pink sweats right now)… 1. Fringe Cardigan | 2. Hansel from Basel Socks | 3. Neon Sandals | 4. Neon Pink Sweats | 5. Modcloth Dress | 6. Striped Tee | 7. Blue Sandals | 8. Dessert Dress | 9. Amazing One Piece | 10. Over the Shoulder Bag | 11. Sunglasses | 12. Cat Tin Poster

1. Madewell and asos have some crazy awesome sale items. Too many to even put in my collage. I kind of want everything, especially everything from Madewell.

2. Loved this post from Danielle. It’s funny how giving birth really does put your body image into perspective.

3. So happy for Katie and her family. Welcome to the world little Phoebe Sue!

4. Obsessed with Kale? This pesto looks amazing!!

5. Sweet Melissa! This had me cracking up. I know we are there very soon…

6. This picture and post are too cute for words.

7. I am pretty much in love with Amanda. Love following their adventures through Europe!

8. A beautiful day at the pool. Love Jess and her family!

9. This coat better get in my closet for Fall. It is pretty amazing (and on sale!)

Happy Weekend!!

  1. I am running the Color me Rad in Albany!

  2. I love that cupcake dress, it’s so darling! I don’t think I could pull that off without looking like a toddler though. My baby girl is pretty much the same way. She wakes up around 6am and takes 2, 45min naps (sometimes 1 hour if I’m lucky). Hang in there mama!

  3. Aline, Germany •

    Beautiful picks! Love the coat, just my taste. Those rough weeks are forgotten very fast most of the time. xo a*

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