An Evening At The Beach…


I am going to start posting some pictures from our vacation over the next week. We are very lucky to have my parents own a house in FL right on the water. It is a such a great vacation spot for us. Let’s face it, staying in a hotel with a kid pretty much sucks. So, being able to stay in a house that you feel super at home in and be on the water is pretty dang awesome. Florida was so hot. Omgosh! So hot! Our favorite thing to do in the evening was to head to the beach. The sun was low, the air was warm and the crowds had left. Those nights were some of my favorite times on vacation…


note: my bathing suit is just mixed matched pieces I picked up at Target this year. I did however just got the most amazing suit from jcrew yesterday. I am in love!

  1. Morgan •

    Where did you get that bathingsuit?? Love it!

  2. yes, florida is HOT! your family is adorable, love your suit!

  3. I love your bottoms. They look awesome on you!!

    These photos are so lovely…looks like the perfect time of day to visit the beach!

  4. I love the mixed matched pieces, you look AMAZING! What a perfect evening, if I were you I’d have a hard time not moving there full time – beautiful!

  5. Awww… such special times and lovely pictures. You will cherish these forever!

  6. It’s so nice that you could stay at your parents’ house. The beach looks so pretty… and empty. It almost looks like you had a private beach to yourselves. How wonderful! 🙂

  7. You guys are a super hot family 🙂


  8. Totally agree, holidays on grandparents home are a good choice, specially if grandma cooks. Her bathing suit is adorable

  9. aww such cute photos! looks like you had a lovely time


  10. Ahh that looks so relaxing! Are you the only ones on the beach!? I LOVE that you posted a picture of you in your bathing suit! You look awesome:)

  11. you’re right, our little gals have matching swimsuits and hats! i love it! 🙂

  12. Rowan’s suit is so cute! I’d totally wear a suit like that.

  13. When I was a kid, we used to eat picnic dinners at the beach, it was simply the best because it was cooler and quiet and we had the waves to ourselves. I LOVE your bathing suit top, and the new suit from J.Crew. I have several polka dot numbers from them and I just love them!

  14. Love the beach of an evening. Its a shame up here that we cant really swim ( well we can in the stinger nets, but still have to watch out for crocs)
    The pics are beautiful, love your little ones suit too- very cute!

  15. Love the shots of little Rowan running in the water, she looks like the happiest little one in the world. Love the high waisted bottoms w/ that cute top, good combo & nice change from the usual mini bottoms. Sounds amazing staying in your parents home their, what a dream! Our fav was the beach late/afternoon too, the sun is just killer otherwise! Glad you all enjoyed it!

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