A Father’s Day Hike…


We got home late Saturday night from Florida but that didn’t stop us from packing up the next morning and heading north to Lake George. I had ordered the Deuter Kid Comfort II for Kev for Father’s Day. I was super excited to give it to him. I knew he would love it. I love giving him gifts that he will love but is something that allows us to go enjoy all together as a family.

I am a lake girl through and through. Growing up in Ontario and spending my summers as a kid on a sailboat in Georgian Bay or at the many cottages my relatives had it is easy to see why. Lakes are hands down way better than the ocean (although, I do love the ocean). I could not get over how much where we were on Lake George looked like Canada. So many feelings and memories flood over me when I am in a spot like that. Kev and I are now convinced we need to buy a boat and spend as much time there as possible. New Goal.

What a fabulous day we had all together!


  1. Sarah •

    Where did you hike? Were you guys able to swim? I have been looking for new hiking spots (I am from Rochester NY and would like to venture out more to the Dacks & Lake George this summer.) πŸ™‚

  2. Sarah •

    PS I am also looking for swimming holes if you know of any in the area!

  3. Looks like the perfect Father’s Day.


  4. It is so fabulous that you guys take your little one on hikes with you! I completely plan on doing the same thing….when I have kids way way way in the future.

  5. oh man, that makes me miss going to the lake so much! my grandparents had a lake house until i was about 16 and it was so fun to go hang out on the pontoon boat!

  6. I grew up in Ontario too, whereabouts were you from? I just moved to Las Vegas, NV in Jan 2011.

  7. Amanda D •

    I love Lake George! Great photos, Jen…looks like you guys had an awesome Father’s Day!

  8. I can’t imagine hiking with a toddler on your back. I love how 1) Rowan gets to play with toys while Kev chauffers her around and 2) she decided to cool Kev off by tipping her bottle upsidedown and dripping juice down his neck. lol. Gotta love that age πŸ™‚

  9. Stefanie •

    Rowan’s pants are way too cute!!

  10. I just bought the same thing for my husbands first fathers day! Hope you like it!!!

  11. Unnati •

    hands down you guys are my favorite family!! Learning so much from you everyday Jen!! πŸ™‚

  12. julie •

    Love these photos! We went camping with our girls this weekend on Fourth Lake in Lake Luzerne and had a great time (esp the part about being only 45 minutes from home!). Truly a gorgeous area, however, i spent every summer of my youth in Cape Vincent, so i’m craving a trip up to the St Lawrence River. Amazing sunsets & a couple of quick ferry trips over to Kingston, Ontario. Ahhh… wish i was there right now πŸ™‚

  13. rebecca •

    log bay! i grew up on lake george and it does not get any more beautiful or fun then that! glad you got got enjoy it. watch out for the rattle snakes!

  14. Rowan looks identical to you in the last few photos!!

  15. Karey •

    I agree, Rowan is the spit of you in the 6th pic down! πŸ™‚

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